Hike to Intsra waterfall

Easy, pleasant walk from Chkvaleri village to the nice waterfall.

This little-known walk takes you through the valley of Intsra river to a pretty nice waterfall. It doesn’t belong to top sights of Georgia, but if you happen to be in Zugdidi with some extra time and desire to get away from crowds, it is an interesting option.
There are two different starting points you can use to get deeper into the valley. I used small pathway to get in and returned via a solid dirt road. Most of the people use just a bigger road, but I included both in the gpx file.

Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Only towards the end of the trail, there are some narrow exposed sections above the river.

How to get to Chkvaleri:

There is no direct bus between Zugdidi and Chkvaleri so I took a marshrutka to Sachino from the local bus station which departed at 9:30. There I found out that bus to Chkvaleri leaves at 11:30. Didn't want to wait that long so decided to walk and hitchhike. Unfortunately, the traffic was almost non-existent. It was also quite far, almost 10 km. So, in the end, I arrived at Chkvaleri at the same time as marshrutka from Tsalenjikha/Sachino.
However, I believe there are other faster and still cost-efficient ways to get there (maybe take a bus to Jvari and taxi from there). And you can always forget all I just wrote and take a taxi all the way.

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How to leave Chkvaleri:

Also very problematic, if you don't want to use a taxi, I recommend walk to Jvari village and try to hitchhike. You also should have a number of some taxi driver, just as a backup plan.

Description of the route

Trail parameters

Distance 7km
Trail type: Roundtrip
Max. elevation: 504m
Min. elevation: 299m
Total climb: 401m
Total descent: 371m

The trail starts at the intersection not far from the beginning of Chkvaleri village (if you arrive from Sachino). Take a turn right onto the side road and follow it. After 300 meters cross the bridge over Intsra and climb a bit uphill by the gardens. The road here disappears so you should walk forward while trying to get closer to the river.

You will find a small rocky trail, which will lead you up the valley. After some 500 meters, it will disappear too and you will have to ford a river. It's not deep, but you will need to take off your shoes. Good time to cross comes when the opposite bank, originally overgrown, turns into grassy one.

On the other bank, you will soon find small water mill and dirt road not far to the left. This dirt road is main access path into the valley. It's lined with steel water pipes - they will lead you all the way to the waterfall.

Follow the road, it eventually turns into a footpath and dives into the forest. Be careful here as the slope is steep and trail very narrow. Keep looking over the river - soon you will see a pond of beautiful green water. That's where the waterfall is. Only some 20 meters later trails descend onto the riverbed (don't worry, usually there is very little water). Cross the river and find a trail on the opposing bank - it's not hard, as it is lined by one of smaller water pipes. Walk bit uphill and then descend sharply to the right, to the lake at the bottom of the waterfall.

To get back you can return the same way you arrive or use the dirt.

Intsra waterfall Trail starts in the Chkvaleri village Small mill Road with waterpipes Road with waterpipes Trail heading deeper into the valley Near the Intsra waterfall Trail as seen from the waterfall elevation
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