People sometimes ask me if they could join my group or "tour". That's understandable. Hiking alone is not for everybody, it's more dangerous and ... well... lonely. But I am happy if I make it to Georgia for a few weeks in summer and always already have a group. So, let's try something. If you are looking for a trekking partner, please fill in the form below and I will post yours ad here. Other visitors will then be able to contact you through the contact form


Only people with photos

  • Nour


    Who am I: I am 26 years old, I work in finance/accounting. I am planning a moderate hiking trip in the mountains of Georgia.

    When do I visit: First to Mid December

    Who am I looking for: Anyone

  • Darius


    Who am I: From America, 29, here in georgia to explore their wine and their nature. interested in multi-day backpacking/camping or just day hike stuff. Open to wherever there is beautiful places. Horse riding is cool, too.

    When do I visit: August 2018 until whenever

    Who am I looking for:

  • Noro


    Who am I: We are a couple (43 and 42) mountain lovers from Slovakia and we are loving mountains. We love especially hiking and trekking,no extremes!

    When do I visit: From 1st June to 9th June 2018

    Who am I looking for: We are looking for anybody for some trekks,like Ushba glacier from Mazeri, Koruldi lakes, Shkhara glacier from Ushguli etc. We are living for one weekin center of Mestia.We will go from Kutaisi. Locals welcome 😊

  • Vahur


    Who am I: 46, resident hiker/trekker/climber. I have been Tbilisi-based since Autumn 2016 and much of it was well-spent somewhere outside. So I have fairly good idea what's out there and pretty long and growing bucket list. And I plan to stick around for foreseeable future. If phrase 'Hey, it looks like it could be a trail! Wonder where it goes?' sounds like a start of something exciting, I am your man. Off-trail or moderately technical stuff is ok :) If I cannot come with you I will still gladly have a bottle of wine with you and can give bunch of good advice.

    When do I visit: Permanently here

    Who am I looking for: Good company for some of my longer projects in Svaneti and Tusheti/Khevsureti would be perfect. But I am always happy to go for some weekend/prolonged weekend trek either by my own plan or yours. And if all else fails I will pretty much always find the free evening for a pub crawl in Tbilisi ;)

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