People sometimes ask me if they could join my group or "tour". That's understandable. Hiking alone is not for everybody, it's more dangerous and ... well... lonely. But I am happy if I make it to Georgia for a few weeks in summer and always already have a group. So, let's try something. If you are looking for a trekking partner, please fill in the form below and I will post yours ad here. Other visitors will then be able to contact you through the contact form


Only people with photos

  • Zsolt


    Who am I: Hi, Zsolt here, 33, from Slovakia. If you too like leaving the civilization behind to spend some quality time in the pristine nature, then let's plan an adventure together! It's exciting to discover new remote places, viewpoints or anything what isn't completely mainstream! I find it rewarding to be exhausted after a long day of using my feet. I am an avid hiker easily pushing more than 30 km per day when going light and up to 20 km with a heavy backpack. Nevertheless, it's always enriching to take a lighter walk with a good party, too. Expect to be photographed a lot in my company :) From the beginning of September I will be spending two to three weeks in Georgia, preferably exploring the Svaneti region as my time and the weather allows. At least one multi-day trek is planned. Keywords: adventure, endurance, responsibility, fun

    When do I visit: First half of September

    Who am I looking for: I am looking for similar-minded people for multi-day trekking but I will be doing dayhikes too and good company is always welcome. If the weather permits, completing the Toba trek would be a wonderful feat, but being offered a similarly good plan, I'm open to change my mind. If you feel to be up to the task, just contact me :)

  • Lynelle


    Who am I: 25 female from USA

    When do I visit: Aug 26-28

    Who am I looking for: Looking for company to do any of the hikes on the list of 12 best day hikes on this website (I had been planning on doing Gergeti glacier, but I am flexible). Will be flying in and out of Tbilisi. Won't be traveling w/ camping equipment, so ideally looking for day hikes.

  • Ben


    Who am I: Ben - born in Georgia thirty something years ago, my family moved to Israel when I was eight. Hiked quite a lot in the past, but caught in the rat race of an occidental life style for several years now. Looking for a wicked hiking binge before things get really serious. Still in pretty good shape, but not planning on traveling with a tent (just a sleeping bag).

    When do I visit: 6-25 september

    Who am I looking for: Getting into Batumi September 6th and heading straight to Mestia for the 4-day hike to Ushguli. Next possibly another day-hike in the area. Continuing south after a couple of quick stops to do about a weeks' hiking in the Borjomi area - including the four-day hike there, visit to Vardzia and Bakuriani. Shoot me an email if your plans coincide and you dig the vibes. Cheers

  • Lila


    Who am I: Hello Everyone! I am Lila, a 33 year old traveler from Israel. I arrive at Tbilisi (by myself) on September 6 and want to head to Mestia as soon as possible, on September 7th. I'm looking for partners to do the long way from Tbilisi to Mestia (Maybe you would like to share a private driver ?) And also for the trek to Ushguli which I will head to on September 8 or 9. I'm considering doing the trek with a guide- maybe to learn a few things on the way and also for not getting lost. I've reached that age where I'm willing to spend some money for my comfort, but also want to share the cost :) As for myself I can say I'm a very easy going but also responsible and calculated. Not a great hiker but can take the pain. Other than that it's all about chemistry. Hope to hear from you, my perfect hiking buddy!

    When do I visit: September 7 to September 22

    Who am I looking for: Women and men from all over the world, above the age of 28, who want to do the Mestia-Ushguli trek and then we'll see...

  • Cam


    Who am I: Hey, I'm Cam from New Zealand and I'm going to be in Georgia with my friend Triin from Estonia in Sept. I'll be in the country from 13/9, and we plan to do the Mestia to Ushguli walk (as we don't have a tent) around 18/9. But could be convinced to do other great walks in the area ;-) From around 23/9 I/we may be around to do some walks near/north from Tbilisi. Hope to hear from you!

    When do I visit: September

    Who am I looking for: Walking buddies

  • Andrea


    Who am I: Hi everybody! I'm Andrea, a curious (and maybe a bit crazy) 47 y/o guy from Italy. After trying once already, this year I'm finally going to be in Georgia for a bit less than a month (Aug 16 to Sep 7) after coming in touch with georgian culture many years ago through food and wine, so I'll be surely enjoying food and culture in Tbilisi but I'm fascinated with mountains too so I would love to do some exploring in the Greater Caucasus Mountains. I have some mountain experience in the Alps, ranging from multi-day treks to high-routes, via ferratas, bivouacs, camping, free-climbing and some ice and mixed mountaineering, but I don't have know the Caucasus and I think that orienteering will need to be taken seriously there. My plans aren't fixed yet but I want to do some trekking and maybe climbing/mountaineering if there's a chance, and I'm also quite happy to camp. I read about a few interesting treks and I would like to avoid the very crowded places, preferably scenic-remote multi-days routes with some high points. Since nothing is carved in stone I'd be happy to discuss options with like minded travellers, andmaybe build a small group of trekkers. It would be great to organize something together with a mixed multinational group, not just for the added safety and convenience that may come with being able to share transport costs etc,, but most of all to share the experience and to have some interesting company while we discover the country. I'm fluent in English but I like to listen to other languages too (I always try to learn some words), I like to take photos (I worked as a photographer before becoming a teacher) and I love listening to music too.

    When do I visit: Aug 16 - Sep 7

    Who am I looking for: Flexible people who are eager to know, like to experience life, and wish to get in contact with both nature and culture. I don't expect everyone to have no fear, but to be open and willing to try and learn something new if there's a chance. Obviously there's a minimum of fitness level required to get into a multi-day trek in areas without lots of logistic support, but the right mindset is the most important asset to be able to turn the unavoidable inconveniences into the achievements which will build up memorable adventures

  • Celestino


    Who am I: Gamardschoba - Hello! My first Georgian word I just learned! I wonder if I will still remember it when I'm visiting Georgia for 2 weeks in September :) Anyway..... I'm a 31 year old German and I will spend my late summer vacation in Georgia this year. I would describe myself as spontaneous, sportive, curious, normally communicative, sometimes funny and often hungry. I've been travelling for a few years now and also have done some (serious) hiking - a 11-day hike in New Zealand was the longest time with no civilisation so far...

    When do I visit: 08th September - 23rd September 2018

    Who am I looking for: I am totally open for (almost) everything.. But I guess I want to do the Mestia to Ushguli trek and if the conditions allow it some more (maybe also more advanced) treks. The rest of my time I want to leave unplaned probably for some sightseeing, good food & wine and getting to know Georgia. If someone wants to join, just write me and we will see how it all works out... And also: I hope to find some local couchsurfers - maybe even through here :)

  • David


    Who am I: I am a 33-year-old Australian working in politics and media, about to set off for a month in Europe and Georgia. I plan to trek Omalo-Shatili from about 30 August - 3 September. I've heard the shepherds' dogs are very aggressive, so I think safety in numbers might be a good strategy! It would also be good to have someone to chat with on the trail. I'm easy going, like adventure, and like taking photos.

    When do I visit: 29 August - 6 September

    Who am I looking for: Individuals or groups looking for company on the trail, or who would like to share transport costs.

  • Daragh


    Who am I: Hi all, I'm a laid back, easy going 28 year old Irish guy who's just finished my Masters in Environmental Science/ I do love nature and a good hike! I'm off on a 6-9 month trip and start in Georgia for a few weeks of hiking and sampling some tasty Georgian food and wine! I'm a conversationalist and like to meet people from different walks of life and hear their experience...but i'm equally enjoy a quiet contemplative hike :) My plans are pretty flexible, I also have good Georgian friends in Tbilisi so if your up for some local experience after we can also combine the too.

    When do I visit: 14th Aug to early Sept.

    Who am I looking for: I fly into Kutaisi early morning on 14th Aug. As i'll be on the road for long time, won't have tent, so looking to do Mestia to Ushguli, Borjomi-Kharagauli park and maybe a few day trips...but I'm very flexible and willing to go with the flow if I find a good buddy! I have moderate hiking experience, I trekked in Krgyistan last year, also Thailand/Vietnam and Camino del Norte. I had a hiking buddy for 2 weeks last year, in Krgyistan and it worked really well, so I hope to find another buddy to enjoy the scenery with! Feel free to check out my couchsurfing profile...

  • Christian


    Who am I: Hello! My name is Christian I am 51 years old German designer. I have some experience in hiking in the Alps, Carpathians and Pyrenees. i am totally of 2 weeks in the middle of august in georgia and flexible in time and geographical planning. From 11th to 16th I am in mestia and surroundings and plan some trekkings from there. I'm open to everyone and everything.

    When do I visit: 8. August - 21. August 2018

    Who am I looking for: Looking for individuals or groups to spend together in nature and hiking, have fun, maybe also for a drink in Tblisi ;-)

  • Andrea


    Who am I: Ciao everyone. I am Andrea, Italian/British, 32 years young :) currently living in Barcelona. I have quite a lot of trekking experience even in high mountains ( 5000 meters and above) in Latin America, Asia and Europe... however I have never done anything really technical. I would be interested in the Svaneti region, in the area of Kazbegi and Tusheti.

    When do I visit: 24th August - 6th September 2018

    Who am I looking for: I looking for: Hiking partner. Possibly same age range (mid twenties - mid thirties) but I don't really mind. I am ok with sharing accommodation and a cool experience. It would be awesome to go off the beaten track! Looking forward to chatting with you! Andrea

  • Mehdi


    Who am I: Hi there,ı am 29 years old and will visit Georgia from 18th till 25th of August.Originally I am from Azerbaijan but live and work as a medical doctor (radiologist) in İzmir,Turkey. I would like to take a 4 day trekking tour from Mestia to Ushguli. I have been to Georgia several times and know the country quite well,but this will be my first experience to Svanetia.I speak Turkish,Russian English and German.I enjoy the music,love companies ,easy going,have sense of humour,trekking...

    When do I visit: 18.08.2018-25.08.2018

    Who am I looking for: I am looking for either person or company to share our knowledges,feelings,spend good time and enjoy the nature...Good luck to eveyone

  • Louis


    Who am I: Hi, i´m Louis and I would love to do some trekking in Georgia. This year I trekked a bit in Nepal. I´m 20, love to joke around and have good talks:)

    When do I visit: End of September

    Who am I looking for: Someone who loves nature and someone who is easy going and humorous

  • Markus


    Who am I: Hello there :) I am Markus, 28 from Germany (Cologne). I am between Jobs and looking for a hiking trip in Georgia anytime in August, before starting to work again in September. I am a little spontaneuos here :). I would describe myself as open, friendly, always in a good mood, open for a chat and with a sense of humor. I have never been to Georgia and find all the routes appealing, so I am open for basically anything that takes place between the 6th and 27th (my only limitation may be high airfares).

    When do I visit: 1-2 weeks between 6th and 27th of August

    Who am I looking for: I’m hoping to find a hiking-buddy or a group to join. I am definitely open for (and looking for) multi-day hikes with accommodation on huts. I also don’t mind camping, but I guess I would have to stock up some equipment for that ;). My hiking experience is limited to day-trips around the Alps, so I would be happy to have someone with a little experience - and maybe some tips about equipment upfront ;). Besides that am sportive and have no problems hiking long distances. I can keep up a moderate to high pace, but actually I appreciate a relaxed atmosphere and don’t mind adapting to any other speed or taking breaks whenever someone feels like it :) So if you are looking for a relaxed, friendly hiking-buddy to have a great time with, text me :)

  • Jeff


    Who am I: 38 year old agreeable, gay male, city employee from Washington, DC, on holiday in Georgia and Turkey for three weeks. I'm trekking from Mestia to Ushguli and already booked accommodations, so dates are firm. I have plenty of trekking experience and maintain an average pace, but I do like to stop and photograph scenery every so often and often listen to music through headphones on the trail. I am happy to be trekking again after healing from a broken bone in the spring but an am almost, but not quite yet, at my normal pace.

    When do I visit: August 21-25

    Who am I looking for: Amicable hiking parter with easy-going personality to enjoy hiking with and share a few expenses. I have been super-psyched about this trek for awhile and hope you are too.

  • Clara


    Who am I: I'm Clara, an open-minded and positive thinking girl from Germany, 28 years old. I'm just about to make an old dream come true: spending three weeks in Georgia! I'm looking forward to a nice mix of culture, great food (!!), people and nature and I'd like to do a few treks: Omalo-Schatili, Mestia-Ushguli, probably Racha-Lake Udziro and Tobavarchkhili Lake. Until now, nothing is really planned, it's all depending on the weather, mood, life. ;) I'm an experienced hiker but never did treks alone in a tent that's why I would be happy to wake up next to another tent and be able to spend the hiking time with another person. I'm speaking English, French, German and also a bit Spanish - but I also enjoy remaining silent for some time.

    When do I visit: :August 2-22

    Who am I looking for: I'm looking for a buddy or a group of people who like to have fun and who is nevertheless also responsible and with good condition to do max. 15/20 km a day, up to 1800 m of altitude difference.

  • Max


    Who am I: Hi! My Name is Max and I really want to do the TOBAVARCHKHILI trek together with my girlfriend and whoever wants to join. We are 23 and 20 years old and from Austria. We speak english, german and I am trying to learn some Russian, however it would be very nice if you speak english or german! I am staying in Georgia for quite a long time but have very specific dates for this trek.

    When do I visit: 3.08.2018 -10.08.2018

    Who am I looking for: I have hiked a lot in my life but never this remote, therefore we'll be taking it relatively easy. (Average time says 5 days, i think 7 is nice). So if you like to enjoy views and just relax in the evenings contact me. This isn't the easiest of treks and some company would be nice and more safe. If you want to hike a different trek with me don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be staying in Georgia until late September.

  • Eloy


    Who am I: Hi! I am 26 years old, Swiss and just finished university. I would like to do some trekking in Georgia for a couple of days (3-5 days). I love hiking in the mountains and am open for suggestions :) I will stay in George from the 24th of September to the 12th of October. I speak German, Englisch, Italian and a little bit French. Please feel free to contact me.

    When do I visit: 24th September - 12th of October

    Who am I looking for: I am looking for a trekking buddy to spend a great time in the nature of Georgia!

  • David


    Who am I: I'm 41, and I'm a lawyer in the U.S. I've done a couple multi-day camping treks and a couple more with shelters/home stays, but often with someone who's more experienced. I'm probably a faster hiker than average, but I'm not in a rush and am happy to move at a normal pace. I have most of the gear I need but would love to split up carrying it.

    When do I visit: 11 Aug to 25 Aug

    Who am I looking for: I'd like to do at least 2 treks, maybe 1 that's 4-5 days and another 2-3 days. I'm still planning my trip and haven't decided where I want to go. I'm looking for 1-4 other people who are easy-going, preferably people who like a good conversation but don't talk all the time.

  • Felix


    Who am I: Hi everybody! I'm 27 years old from the french part of Canada! I'm currently travelling around the world for the next year and will be in Tbilissi on 7th August looking for some amazing landscapes through trekking the Svaneti and other places (mostly the Mestia to Ushguli/Mazeri trek, and maybe the Tobavarchkhili lakes and/or the Juta to Roshka via Chaukhi Pass). I have some experience in trekking mostly in my hometown in Quebec and South America.

    When do I visit: 7 August to September

    Who am I looking for: Hiking partner/group

  • Andriy


    Who am I: I am a Ukrainian Canadian and planning on visiting Georgia in the first half of October with another friend. We've hiked in Tanzania, Nepal, Peru, and all over the Rockies and are looking to explore all the awesome hiking in Georgia :)

    When do I visit: Early October 2018

    Who am I looking for: We are thinking of hiking in Svaneti region, maybe basing ourselves in Mestia and looking for people to hike with

  • Tasos


    Who am I: Hi, I'm a 27 year old and I will be visiting Georgia between the 2-9 of September. I am from Greece but currently live in London. Im interested in doing the Mestia to Ushguli Trek but since Im only there for a week I was thinking of doing it in about 4 days (3-6 of September) since I was hoping to spend two days in Tbilisi after that.

    When do I visit: 2-9 September

    Who am I looking for: Just a buddy to trek the pretty heights of Svaneti together and share some moments and stories. I don't have much experience from trekking but I'm quite sportive so I think I wont face any problems. I speak Greek, English and German.

  • Marta


    Who am I: Hi, I'm a 29 year old girl from Spain. I love travelling and hiking, andI've done some multi-day treks in the last year, but I've still a lot to learn. I'm not a runner, and I love to be able to enjoy the trail, so when possible I like to make small stops here and there to relax and enjoy the views.

    When do I visit: September 2018 (8th-23th)

    Who am I looking for: I'm looking for somebody / or a group of persons to do some trekking in Georgia and/or Armenia between the 9th and the 23th of September who likes to take his/her time to enjoy the route, and for whom having fun, but also the safety, is important. I'm specially interested in doing the Mestia to Ushguli trek.

  • Ammy


    Who am I: Hi, I'm a 27 year old girl from Norway looking to do the Mestia to Ushguli trek starting august 28. Would love to have som company though. I've done some treks before, but I would not say I'm experienced. I like to wander, not run.

    When do I visit: 27 august - 9 september

    Who am I looking for: I would like to trek with you if you enjoy a good conversation and if you don't rush. Preferably you do speak English as that would make the converation part of it much easier.

  • Jakub


    Who am I: I am looking for a group / buddy who will hike in Georgia during mid August to first week of September I would like to trek to Usghuli via Zagar pass (2-3 days), next to Mestia (3-4 days) and last TREK TO TOBAVARCHKHILI LAKE (5-7 days)

    When do I visit: 15.08 - 5.09

    Who am I looking for: Hiking partner/group

  • Phebby


    Who am I: Hi I am Phebby, 27 and based in Dubai. I am looking for a group who will hike in Georgia during the Eid break (aug 21-25). This is a week long holiday in the UAE and I want to spend it on an adventure-filled activity outside Dubai. If anyone is interested, could you list me on your group since going alone on a private tour is quite expensive.

    When do I visit: August 21 - 25

    Who am I looking for: Hiking partner/group

  • Zi


    Who am I: Hey Everyone, I see so many of us craving for the same. Real good. Let's just decide who is going with whom. It should be easy, no? I am OK with many peaks (just don't do ropes etc.) in Georgia or neighboring countries. Thinking September is a good month to hike. Introduction: was born back in1983 but still (?somehow?) maintain required fitness level :-). All good then. Good day to you!

    When do I visit: September

    Who am I looking for: If you get lost and feel bold about it then I am good to join you

  • Riccardo


    Who am I: Hi! We are a couple, Riccardo from Italy and Egle from Lithuania (but we live in Denmark). We are both 28 and are going to do the Mestia to Ushguli hike. We have travelled most of Europe and used to do some hikes - nothing too complicated though :)

    When do I visit: We will be in Georgia between 1st and 8th of September

    Who am I looking for: Hiking partner(s) and/or suggestions :)

  • Greta


    Who am I: I just need a hike. That's all. Armenia, Azerbaijan or Georgia can be a chosen destination. I see a group of 5 or 4 hitting the road. Give me a shout if you are one of them. Regards, G.

    When do I visit: End of August or beginning of September

    Who am I looking for: Folks who keep on going no matter what

  • Davit


    Who am I: My name is David and I'm from Israel. I'm 21 years old and I just finished my Chemical Engineering studies so I'm looking to clear my head before getting into a working cycle. I love hiking so my intentions are to travel around the Caucasus for most of the time. I have a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu (so you'll be safe) and I really enjoy music. I speak English, Russian and Hebrew so I guess that at least one of the languages will be handy :)

    When do I visit: 2-26 of August

    Who am I looking for: I'm looking for open minded hiking partners to begin my journey with.

  • Jose


    Who am I: I'm a man from Spain that likes discovering other countries and other people. I also like mountaneering, so visiting Georgia gives me the opportunity of achieving both desires at the same time. I want to walk from Omalo to Shatili, probably by Borbalo pass. I'm also thinking about going to Kazbegi (trekking somewhere or climbing Kazbek if I manage to find a guide). I've read that there is not public transport to Omalo, and this is my first drawback :(

    When do I visit: First half of September

    Who am I looking for: First of all I'm looking for people to share transport to Omalo. If we agree, we could also share the path.

  • Young


    Who am I: 31 yr old Korean-Australian, going to go explore the Caucasus for the first time this summer. Experienced hiker/camper, fully equipped with gear to go camping and hiking (but no ice axe or ropes). I am not the fastest, but I will also not hold you back. Happy to go at the pace of the team. I am completely capable of safely crossing dangerous passes, scrambling, low grade bouldering, steep ascents, snow and ice. Not afraid of challenges, whilst also not reckless and dangerous. I know my limits. Comfortable with following and taking the lead.

    When do I visit: Approximately mid-August - September 2018

    Who am I looking for: I'm looking for someone who is up for doing some of the more difficult hikes in Kazbegi, Khevsureti and Tusheti for safety and to make things easier. I will be travelling through the Eastern Turkish ranges before my arrival in Georgia, and through Armenia/Azerbaijan/Iran after Georgia and have a very flexible time and location schedule.

  • Kirst


    Who am I: Proudly South African, love exploring and traveling.

    When do I visit: mid August - September 2018

    Who am I looking for: Hello! I am looking to do the simple 4 day hike from Mestia to Ushguli. end of August or the start of September - whenever there is less crowds. It would be great if I could get hiking buddies to help share costs - especially the drive from Ushguli back to Mestia (if I had time I'd probably walk back but alas I am limited on time).

  • Tova


    Who am I: I'm from New York originally but moved about 10 years to Israel. I love languages, new cultures and hiking and am excited to come to beautiful Georgia!

    When do I visit: October

    Who am I looking for: Hi guys. I'm organizing a trip with a guide to Mt. Kazbek in early October. Looking for people to join the group!! (Note: I'm not the tour guide or making money off the trip - just looking for a group of interesting people to go with.) Message me if you're interested! (Also planning on going to Ararat and Mt Olympus sometime soon. Anyone interested?)

  • Cristina


    Who am I: I'm Irish, currently reside in Wales, live for hiking the wilds & keen to find a buddy to hike hut to hut in Georgia.

    When do I visit: July-Sept

    Who am I looking for: Someone who's easygoing, loves hiking too& up for trekking mad mountains of Georgia any time July - Sept

  • Kate


    Who am I: My name is Kate and I am 30 yrs old living in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am a bread baker by trade and just opened a pizzeria in New Orleans. I love to travel & hike and am heading to Georgia this August! I am hoping to hike Mestia-Ushguli starting sometime around August 13. Would love some company!

    When do I visit: August 10-23

    Who am I looking for: A hiking buddy/buddies!

  • Daniel


    Who am I: Hi, I am 27 and from England, I have just finished University and heading for some time away before starting a new job. I enjoy the outdoors, mainly running, cycling and trekking, and also enjoy a drink!

    When do I visit: 15th July until 26th August 2018

    Who am I looking for: I do not have any experience of multi-day trekking with a backpack and tent, only day packs, so I am currently trying to incorporate that into some daily exercises so that it isn't a shock! I am looking to do a number of day treks, but I would love to try the Tobavarchkhili trek. Open to a number of places to see and hike, also looking to briefly visit Lake Sevan, Yerevan and Mt Aragats in Armenia. If you're looking to visit a few places, have a beer or go on some longer treks, feel free to contact me :-)

  • Luke


    Who am I: Hey! I'm a 33 year old environmental consultant living in the north of England. I've a solo trip to Georgia coming up, and I'm looking for folks to go trekking with. Day trips and longer treks. I've got no plans yet! Give me a shout if you want to do fun stuff in nature.

    When do I visit: 12th August - 27th August 2018

    Who am I looking for: Anyone with a story to tell, or some knowledge to share. I'm pretty easy going and don't mind introverts or extroverts. We'll find something in common, I'm sure!

  • Lily


    Who am I: Hi there! I live in Tbilisi and have a fulltime job. While I have an office job during the week, I like to spend my weekend outdoors.

    When do I visit: I live in Tbilisi

    Who am I looking for: I am looking for someone who would like to explore the many national parks and treks of Georgia on weekends. Let me know if you’re interested!

  • Peter


    Who am I: Hi, I am Peter (35) from Hungary, currently living in the Netherlands. I've traveled many countries and hiked quite a few times. I am planning to do several few days hikes in Georgia. I am flexible, so happy do adopt to other plans. People say I am fun, open minded and easygoing.

    When do I visit: From 2nd week of August till late August

    Who am I looking for: Anyone who is interested in spending some time with me. Either a person or a group of people.

  • Michal


    Who am I: Hi, my name is Michal, I am from Central Europe, semi-experienced hiker (Grossglockner, Monte Rosa), speak English, German and Russian (last two only a little bit) and would like to treck from Mestia to Ushguli (+ maybe to Chvelpi via Latpari pass). I would be glad if you join me to discover and enjoy the beauties of Caucasus.

    When do I visit: 28.8 - 4.9

    Who am I looking for: Easy rider(s)

  • Suyanti


    Who am I: I consider myself as un-experienced hikker. But i'm keen on walking, and not afraid to walk for long hour. I'm interested in MESTIA-USGHULI route for 4-5 days. It seems pretty moderate for non expert, yet give us lots of Georgian experience. I'm not confident enough to do the hikking independently! That's why i'm looking for hikking buddy/buddies to share the cost. I would be traveling solo. I'm laid back personality, socialy awkward sometimes :) But i do my best to be a bearable human being.

    When do I visit: 18.9 - 23.9 (a bit flexible)

    Who am I looking for: travel companian, male/female. I´m willing to join a group, if you already in a group. I am Female in mid 30s. The biggest concer is, i'm un-experienced hikker. When it is come to hikking, really important to stick with people in the same pace. So, i hope i won't end up in Everest climber group!! Please message me if you are interested in Mestia-Usghuli rouse on late September

  • Tom


    Who am I: Hi ! I'm Tom from Italy ! I will be in Georgia for 2 weeks ! I love hiking ! I hiked in many place in the world! Now i'd Luke walk in Svaneti area or maybe i'm Tusheti area! Anyone want to join me? Plan is work in progress , i accept suggestions or ideas! of sure one of my weeks i will visit Tbilisi (Davit Gareja) ,Kutaisi and Kasbebi ( Gergeti monastery) ! Will i have enough time?

    When do I visit: 22 august/4 september

    Who am I looking for: I'm looking for buddy hikers ! I'm enough trained to hike! I speak English, Spanish and Italian !

  • Nir


    Who am I: Hey :) My name is Nir from Israel, 34 yrs old and am planning to travel from early September, looking for a backpacking experience in Georgia and would be great to do that with some cool and fun partners! Email me if you are interested :)

    When do I visit: Early September

    Who am I looking for:

  • Max


    Who am I: Hello guys me along with my GF and other girl are planning to hike in a Caucasus mountain at the beginning of AUGUST and it's always fun to have a company ;)

    When do I visit: August 2018

    Who am I looking for: Trekking buddies to share and enjoy the trek together :) a bit flexible about the dates and the trek itself. We are moving from Saint Petersburg, we are planning 5-6 hike in nature/ mountains and maybe around 2-3 camping by the seaside) and we will do sightseeing in Tbilisi 2-3days

  • Andrew


    Who am I: Hi Everyone. By way of introduction my name is Andrew. I'm Vietnamese however born in Australia. I'll be 26yrs old by this time next year. I'm studying aviation and work at mountaineering/trekking travel company in Australia. I'm looking to form a small group to trek and explore Georgia independently. I'm pretty laid back and chilled. I love good company, nature and being surrounded by mountains. I'm quite experienced in the outdoors and have travelled extensively just to trek from the Himalayas, Rockies, Alps & etc. If you are interested feel free to contact me.

    When do I visit: August 2019-September 2019

    Who am I looking for: Relax and like-minded travellers that can crack a few jokes and don't take everything so seriously. Preferably speak English - otherwise it's google translate. :D

  • Toraj


    Who am I: Hello, I am 62 years old Swedish and have been to Tblisi as a tourist, but know that you can go hiking, so I'm looking for nails / clubs that I can join.i can Swedish , Persian , Turkish .have whats up , viber app. this is my tel. Nr. 0046764540890

    When do I visit: Summer, autumn 2018

    Who am I looking for:

  • Max


    Who am I: Hello guys me along two of my friends are planning to hike in a Caucasus mountain at the beginning of AUGUST and it's always fun to have a company ;)

    When do I visit: August 2018

    Who am I looking for: Trekking buddies to share and enjoy the trek together :) a bit flexible about the dates and the trek itself

  • Noro


    Who am I: We are a couple (43 and 42) mountain lovers from Slovakia and we are loving mountains. We love especially hiking and trekking,no extremes!

    When do I visit: From 1st June to 9th June 2018

    Who am I looking for: We are looking for anybody for some trekks,like Ushba glacier from Mazeri, Koruldi lakes, Shkhara glacier from Ushguli etc. We are living for one weekin center of Mestia.We will go from Kutaisi. Locals welcome 😊

  • Glauco


    Who am I: I am Glauco, 34 years old. I am italian... i do love nature, mountains and wild life... I am planning in August, a hike in svaneti from Chuberi to Ushguli... it’s about 140, no matters how many days could take, anyway I suppose about 5/7 days... a friend of mine could come with me but I would like to share this kind of esperience with anyone else who could appreciate this trip. The last year I was hiking among lofoten in Norway and was breathtaking...

    When do I visit: 18.8. - 1.9.2018

    Who am I looking for: Someone to share a wild experience enjoying nature

  • Hanna


    Who am I: Hello, we are Paula and Hanna, two 20-year old students from Germany. September this year we are travelling to Georgia and so we look for some travel buddies to join us for a hike to Tobavarchkhili Lake in Svaneti Region.

    When do I visit: Beginning of September 2018

    Who am I looking for:

  • Walter


    Who am I: I am Austrian and presently working in Germany. I love to hike /trek whenever I do find time. My advantage is the closeness to the Austrian/Italian Alps where I hang out in summer and winter.

    When do I visit: Possibly in August

    Who am I looking for: am looking for buddies to share the good times and enjoying the Encounter of new regions and sites. Once we find common interests, I suggest to meet and discuss the common plans.

  • Vahur


    Who am I: 46, resident hiker/trekker/climber. I have been Tbilisi-based since Autumn 2016 and much of it was well-spent somewhere outside. So I have fairly good idea what's out there and pretty long and growing bucket list. And I plan to stick around for foreseeable future. If phrase 'Hey, it looks like it could be a trail! Wonder where it goes?' sounds like a start of something exciting, I am your man. Off-trail or moderately technical stuff is ok :) If I cannot come with you I will still gladly have a bottle of wine with you and can give bunch of good advice.

    When do I visit: Permanently here

    Who am I looking for: Good company for some of my longer projects in Svaneti and Tusheti/Khevsureti would be perfect. But I am always happy to go for some weekend/prolonged weekend trek either by my own plan or yours. And if all else fails I will pretty much always find the free evening for a pub crawl in Tbilisi ;)

  • Nick


    Who am I: Hello ! my name is Nick , I'm a 24 year old woodsman from Georgia , I practice bushcraft and love hiking. I like making youtube videos as a hobby , I haven't visited much places and wish to find hiking buddies to plan a few hiking trips in the mountains and enjoy the great outdoors. I would love to show you around in Tbilisi , I can take you on a day hike next to the city and we can plan a few day trips together. I can speak English and Russian fluently

    When do I visit: forever

    Who am I looking for: I'm looking for hiking buddies , no matter male or female , young or old as long as you're good on the inside :) If you are interested in bushcraft that will be super! Depends on time you visit I may be able to take you to my wildcamps in the forests of Borjom-Kharagauli. Feel free to contact me , I'm a friendly guy ;)

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