Write me

I am grateful for all kind of feedback, no matter if you ...
- would like to correct some information I posted
- share your experience
- request additional info
- correct my grammar (actually, I would really appreciate it)

Still, I would like to stress one thing. I try to help and answer questions, but they should be clever and I expect you to do some research beforehand. I regularly get requests from people asking me about itineraries. The problem is that I simply don´t feel comfortable preparing holiday plans for people I know nothing about. I prefer the approach where I just collect as much info as possible and let my readers decide for themselves. After all, it´s their adventure, not mine.

OK, hope I didn´t discourage anybody. Go ahead and if you provide correct e-mail address, there is a solid chance that I will reply. Also, feel free to call me by name - I am Jozef, not "Trekking in Caucasus" :)

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