Anyone who had a chance like me to roam through these desolate mountains
and studied at length their fantastic shapes and drank the invigorating air
of their valleys can understand why I wish to describe
and depict these magic scenes for others.

Mikhail Lermontov, A Hero of Our Time

Is there a better way to start this site than quote from Lermontov, the poet of the Caucasus? Well, to be honest, I never did read anything written by him. Still, this quote perfectly fits. I love mountains, travel and discovering new places. But Caucasus is one of those rare places which I have been to several times and still looking forward to another visit.

During planning of my vacations I was surprised by lack of comprehensive trekking guide to the area. Sure, there is great book "Walking in Caucasus" by Peter Nasmith (which I didnt read neither) and several websites. But there is still something missing. Even English speakers have hard time finding all necessary information in one place online. Thats why I decided to create this page. It will be based on personal experiences and recommendations of me, my friends and everyone else willing to contribute. I would like to cover as many trekking routes as possible - ranging from short strolls to tough multi-day "Welcome to the jungle" experiences. I also would like to start trekking blog with more articles related to trekking in Caucasus. I wrote several articles myself, just need to translate them.

I think big, but start small. At the beginning I will cover only Georgia as thats the place I am most familiar with. First I will cover 6 main trekking areas in Greater Caucasus (those weird words in right menu), then I will do Borjomi and Adjara areas.

After I finish Georgian section, I would like to add sections devoted also to Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russian Federation. As I started this page in order to learn css/asp, I will also try to add more advanced features such as galleries, discussions etc. And also polish old stuff, I know there are some 1000 things for me to do, so pls be patient.

> It will take a lots of work and I will need some support. Asking how can you help me? You can like my FB page, write me something nice so I know that somebody cares or even pass me some useful info to publish. Anything of it will help me to achieve my goal - to create best trekking resource for Caucasus on the internet.

So - hope this will be actually good for something...

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