Where to buy camping gas

"Search for camping gas,
true pain in the ass."

unknown hiker

No matter how well-prepared you arrive at Georgia, there is one thing you will probably need anyways as airlines don´t permit it in the luggage - the camping gas. Here is the list places, where one can buy it. I would like to expand it over time, but I will need also your input - if you know some place which is not listed here (I am sure there are many), please let me know and I will add it into the list. Thank you.

Unless stated otherwise, places I list here sell sealable, threaded canisters with a screw on top (such as Coleman or MSR), not the ones which you have to pierce or non-threaded CampingGaz models.



Geoland - traditional shop specialized in hiking maps, conveniently located in city centre. Now open also on weekends, from 10 am. to 7 pm.

NorthFace - Magellan - another classic shop. Doesn’t lie in the city center, but is easily accesible by metro (Saburtalo line, Medical University station). Open also on weekends, from 11 am until 8 pm.

Mogzauri - outdoor shop in Saburtalo, close to Vazha-Pshavela metro station. Sells also gas stoves, trekking maps and other outdoor equipment.

Sportmaster - located at Miminoshvili street in Tbilisi. Sells Korean-made 'Maxsun Camping' branded camping gas. The small cartridge (230g) cost 16 lari.


Camping gas can be bought right at the airport, as the Georgian Bus counter, right at the exit. They change 20 GEL for 500mg canister.
In case that Georgian Bus runs out of canisters, drivers of marshrutkas serving the airport often have some canisters,for sale, too.


In Mestia, several souvenir stores along the main street are selling camping gas canisters, both small and big ones. In you are looking for gas for Campingaz stove, try souvenir shop at Seti square 4.

Gas canisters can be also bought in Laleta family hotel in Latali village, few km before Mestia.


Camping gas can be bought at the Mountain Freaks agency, Mountain Travel agency and Mkinvari Travel agency, all located close to the center of the village.

Canisters can be also often bought from drivers of marshrutkas on Tbilisi - Kazbegi route.

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