Walk to the Shkhara glacier

Easy dayhike from Ushguli to the foot of Shkhara glacier and springs of Inguri river.


Duration: 5 hours (there and back)

Difficulty: Hard

No serious climbing, just walking at the bottom of the valley.

How to get to Ushguli:

Minivans to Ushguli depart daily in the morning from the Seti square. They wait until they are full, usual price for a ride is 30 GEL
If you prefer walking, very popular is the 4-day . Ushguli is also accesible from Lower Svaneti via Latpari pass or Zagar pass.

How to leave Ushguli:

If you need to return to Mestia, your best bet will be minivans doing daytrips to Ushguli. They are not always full and not all travellers want to return on the same day, so there is a solid chance they will have a few empty seats on the return trip. They usually arrive at 10 or 11 am. and depart back towards Mestia around 3 pm. I recommend you to wait for their arrival and immediately arrange everything with the driver. Fair price for the trip could be 10-20 GEL (as the return trip costs 30 GEL). If you don't want to wait and decide to hire a whole car, it will cost you about 200 GEL. And, as always, there is the option of walking back and trying to hitchhike.
If you want to prolong your trek, you can cross into Lower Svaneti on foot via Latpari pass or Zagar pass.

Shkhara glacier

Description of the route

Leave the Ushguli village and keep walking on the jeep road to the north, upstream of the Inguri river and towards main Caucasus ridge. After a while valley bends to the northeast and you should see Shkhara glacier in the distance. There is nowhere to get lost, just follow the main road. You will probably have to cross a few small streams.

The only tricky part comes after some 2 hours of walking at the place, when you come to an arrow with a sign “Shkhara” pointing to the other side of the river. You may be tempted to cross the river here via a broken bridge, but it's not a good idea. Instead, stay on the right bank. Still, the bridge you saw has some uses - it comes handy if you plan to climb to Namkuami lake and further to Vachushti pass. Soon, the main road sharply bends to the left and in serpentines starts climbing up the hill. Here is a small unmarked trail branching to the right. You need to take it - cross overgrown meadow and field of interesting red rocks. Path then delves into small forest and emerges from it at the edge of moraine, just 300 meters from the foot of the glacier.

When taking a pictures at the foot of the glacier, be aware of falling rocks as they can be quite dangerous. To return, use the same way you came here.


Photo with horses was provided byby Daniel Wakefield Pasley - their article about the hike can be found here.
Title photo was provided by Neel Shakilov.

Shkhara glacier Towards Shkhara glacier Towards Shkhara glacier Path to the glacier Shkhara glacier Shkhara glacier Shkhara glacier in detail Looking back Colored stones near the glacier On the way back Ushguli village

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