List of all treks - In this exhausting list, you will find all treks I have on the web described in detail. For now, sorted into two blocks based on location, a real filter is on the to-do list

Then, I wrote are some general "Best of" lists, best good place to start if you just starting with your research
10 best treks In Georgia - my list of best multiday walks
12 best hikes in Georgia - my list of best day hikes

And then I wrote have here a bunch of more specific lists suitable for people who prefer staying at one place and doing day hikes.
Best hikes in Mestia
Best hikes in Ushguli
Best hikes in Kazbegi


Svaneti - detailed travel guide
Kazbegi - detailed travel guide
Tusheti - detailed travel guide
Khevsureti - an overview. Not great, not terrible
Racha - an overview. Not great, not terrible
Samegrelo - an overview. Not great, not terrible
Accommodation in Mestia - in case you are looking for a guesthouse


Find hiking buddy for Georgia - noticeboard for people who don't want to hike alone
Gallery - gallery with photos from readers. So far, not many people contributed, hope it will improve over time.
Georgian cuisine - in case you were curious what mean all those weird words in Georgian restaurant menus
Winter in Georgia - yes, that nasty, cold period where you can forget about most trekking route. Still, there are some other options.
Stay safe in Georgia - while Georgia is a safe country, there are still many ways to get hurt there. Here are some of them.
How to behave - few people read this, but it's one of my favorite texts
When to visit Georgia - because some periods are better than the others :)
Costs of travel in Georgia - Georgia was considered to be "a cheap country". Is it still true?
Recommended reading - some recommended books so you have a better idea about where are you going
Where to get maps - hiking maps are really handy but sometimes not easy to find
Where to buy gas - gas canisters can't be brought to airplanes so, if you want to do some serious trekking, you will need to get them in Georgia


Little info or inspiration, yet these webs get handy if you need to arrange something (or need a weather forecast). (the weather forecast) - for the weather forecast, I follow "Norwegians" (check other webs only when I don't like what I see there :P). Their web is simple, fast and sufficiently accurate. (train tickets) - if you plan to travel by trains, it's always safer to book ahead, especially in case of sleeper trains which have no viable alternative in taxis or marshrutkas. Just keep in mind that tickets can be only usually bought only 3-4 weeks ahead, when they are "released" by Gergian Railways. Earlier, you get a confusing error message that there are no tickets available for this date (which looks as if they were sold out). (travel insurance) - travel insurance I use during my hiking trips. They won me by a good coverage and a very affordable price. (transfers) - if you need some transfer arrange in advance, gotrip website provides wide range of drivers and good prices. Convenient especially for popular routes where the competition is high. (short tours) - another portal that offers popular short tours, international and more expensive. Havent used them since I am not too fond of fixed plans and dont plan to but someone might find their offer interesting

WEBSITES ABOUT GEORGIA - the official website of Georgian National Tourism Association. Good place to start for a first time visitor who wants info about popular sights. Tho I must admit I never used it too much - when I wanted, it didn't contain enough info. - on the other hand, this is a web I visited quite a lot - mostly because it contains specialized hiking info I wasn´t able to find anywhere else. Over time, I got in touch with it´s owner Davit and we became friends and business partners. So, I can only recommend it - it´s not only about hiking. - website of enthusiasts who are developing a long-distance trails through Greater and Lesser Caucasus, truly a gargantuan task. Check their website so see how it is going :). - personal website of my friend Misha. Used mostly to advertise his tours (since he is a guide), but he has also a blog section with lots of interesting, not so common info about Svaneti (cos he is really well-versed in things such as history or culture, much more than an usual mountaineering guide). - Emily lives in Tbilisi and in great detail covers various details of travelling around Georgia. Whenever I search for some info about Georgia and it's not related to hiking, I usually end up here.


Then there are websites which are not exclusively about Georgia but I follow them nonetheless. They all wrote about it at some point (that's how I found them) and I like them enough to follow them also to another destinations.

Against the Compass - this web, focused on little-visited destinations is ran by a Spanish traveller Joan. He caught my attention with post about Georgia and since his style of writing clicked with me, when he moved on to explore other, more exotic destinations, I followed.
Lost with Purpose - Alex, the persona behind Lost in Purpose is a great writer so I often check posts even about destinations I don't care about. Open, brutally honest style of writing and a great sense of humour (which spices things up but doesn't take away from informational value of her posts).
Journal of Nomads - this sympathetic nomad couple spend in Georgia almost a year, travelling around when they had money and teaching English online when they were broke. As a result, they accumulated losts of knowledge about the country. Also, they published the only guest post I ever wrote :P
Wayfarover - this Finnish redhead is quite an interesting case. Unlike many other bloggers, she introduces destinations through storytelling and mixes it with more personal posts about joys and plights of a starting blogger. And does a good job, I really like her posts. That´s why I am so surprised she has so few followers, she certainly deserves more! Like seriously, 170 likes?
Going the Whole Hogg - travel website ran by likable Scottish couple Kim and Del. As avid hikers, they completed many Georgian treks and created very nice travel guides as well as "silent hiking" videos.


And here are pages of my favorite landscape photographers

Magdalena Konik
Billy Bilikhoidze
Irakli Shavgulidze
Thomas van Hemert
Zurab Tsertsvadze
Mikhail Bojadze

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