People sometimes ask me if they could join my group or "tour". That's understandable. Hiking alone is not for everybody, it's more dangerous and ... well... lonely. But I am happy if I make it to Georgia for a few weeks in summer and always already have a group. So, let's try something. If you are looking for a trekking partner, please fill in the form below and I will post yours ad here. Other visitors will then be able to contact you through the contact form


Only people with photos

  • Urdax


    Who am I: Hey - I'm Urdax, 30 year old Spaniard. I have travelled extensively and I'm in relatively good shape, so you won't have to carry me around ;). I'm just not a mountain or camping expert! My plan? The 'classic' Mestia to Ushguli to start with, and whichever treks I can do either before or after this one. Exact dates of my trip are August 9th evening to 19th afternoon (Kutaisi airport). Other than Tbilisi, I want to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

    When do I visit: August 11 - 17 (+/- 1 day)

    Who am I looking for: Ideally, I'm just looking for someone with more mountain experience than myself. I'm quite uncomplicated and will adapt to the sleeping style - renting tent if necessary. Happy to help carrying equipment and split transportation costs.

  • Daniel


    Who am I: Hey, keen for the Mestina to Ushguli trek next week. I have a 2 man hiking tent so was hoping to do mainly camping and then eat at the villages. I have only done a few overnight hikes (not in the mountains) but I have done many mountain day hikes so feel like I am fit enough.

    When do I visit: 16th - 30th July

    Who am I looking for: Looking for someone who is friends and happy to have a good chat but also someone who likes silence as well! Let me know if you are interesting and let's hike together!

  • Stacy


    Who am I: I'm a high school teacher from Boston, USA. I'm traveling in Asia/Europe this summer and will be making a stop in Georgia. I've done a fair amount of trekking, but I'm just going to be doing day hikes because I didn't want to carry so much gear with me.

    When do I visit: I'll be in Mestia from July 26-30.

    Who am I looking for: I'd love to have a companion (or companions) for day hikes. I haven't yet decided which to do, but I'm flexible. I'm quite easy going and enjoy meeting new folks while traveling.

  • Lancel


    Who am I: Hi everyone! I'm Lancel, a 31 year old Canadian who lives to explore other cultures and landscapes. I'm passionate about sustainability and happiest when in nature. I'll be in Georgia for the first half of September and am very keen to do the Mestia to Ushguli hike. I'd love some great company for the adventure!

    When do I visit: September 3-16

    Who am I looking for: Anyone interested in the same hike as myself (Mestia>Ushguli), with a healthy sense of adventure and respectful, kind spirit. I'm looking to do this hike over 4 days and while I'm not ruling camping out, I don't plan to bring any gear and my first choice would be a guesthouse!

  • Mark


    Who am I: Hi I'm Mark from Australia. I'm looking to do hiking in the Kazbegi and Mestia/Svaneti regions, multi-day would be ideal as I have camping gear, but day hikes are also good. My plans are quite open, would be great to have some company to enjoy the scenery.

    When do I visit: July 18 - early/mid August

    Who am I looking for: Anyone who wants to go hiking multi-day or day hikes, enjoy the scenery and local food

  • Clément


    Who am I: Hi ! I'm Clément and I'm 26. I would like to visit Svanetia at first and then the région of Kazbegi. For me, the best way to discover this country is to go trekking. In two weeks, two treks lasting 4 or five days should be enough. I'm rather sporty . I like running, swimming, a little climbing and ski touring.

    When do I visit: I have planned a trip to Georgia from the 1st to the 15th of September 2019.

    Who am I looking for: I hope to find nice people who like walking as well in order to discover this beautiful country.

  • Judit


    Who am I: Hello I'm Judit from Barcelona. Im 37 years old and Im thinking in travelling to georgia Svaneti the two first weeks of August. I would like to do some trekk of several days. I dont want to go throw the mountains alone.

    When do I visit: Between 1 and 15 of August

    Who am I looking for: Anybody who want to join some trekk. any sugestion is welcome

  • Libby


    Who am I: Hi, I’m Libby from Vancouver Canada. I’m 32 and travelling for a few months. I enjoy the mountains and like to hike and ride horses. I’m currently in Georgia and would like to do the Tusheti horse trek, preferably with someone. It’s a bit last minute but I’d leave for Omalo on July 16th. It’d be about 3-4 days horse trekking itself but it’s flexible. It requires 2 days travel time to get to Omalo and back. Message me if interested.

    When do I visit: July 16-18

    Who am I looking for: Someone comfortable on horses and in the mountains looking to explore wild Tusheti!

  • Basti


    Who am I: Hey, I am 45-year old German with average fitness. I would consider myself being both a bit calm and easy-going.

    When do I visit: 20-25 July 2019

    Who am I looking for: Having done the Mestia-Ushguli trek, I am interested in day hikes or multi-day hikes without a tent in the Mestia area or elsewhere in Georgia. Please let me know, if you plan to be in Georgia around 20-25 July.

  • Justin


    Who am I: Hey - 25 year old South African chartered accountant/quantitative analyst, going to be hiking primarily in the Svaneti and Kazbegi/Juta/Roshka regions between say 5 and 18 September. May head over to Tusheti as well depending on weather. I'm quite a spontaneous and flexible guy, but I stick to my plans and won't let anyone down.

    When do I visit: 5 -18 September

    Who am I looking for: Anyone with an adventurous spirit, willing to hike (I don't plan to camp but to mostly do long day hikes - but multi-day hikes are definitely on the cards). Also people with an interest in the culture of the place, who are respectful of the pristine nature of the Caucusus.

  • Bertalan


    Who am I: Hi! I'm an outdoor spirit :) hiking, running, climbing, highline are my top passions. We go with my girlfrind in Georgia for hiking and I'd love to climb the Kazbek!

    When do I visit: August 4-7

    Who am I looking for: I'd like to have a hiking/climbing partner who'd join me in reaching the peak of Kazbek. I'm happy to share more info about it if you are interested. It needs some physical strenght and stamina but they say it's not an extreme hiking thing. Man/Women, it doesn't matter, I'm a very positive and active person, I'm sure we can have an amazing experience if we decide to do this! :) looking forward to get in contact with you ;)

  • Michael


    Who am I: Hi, I am often in Georgia, but have never made it to Svaneti yet. The popular Mestia to Ushguli trek looks great, but I am also open to other suggestions. Would like to do it during the summer, don't have a specific date yet. Quite flexible when it comes to timing for now. I am a relatively experienced trekker, having hiked few times in Himalaya and other regions around the world. Originally from Ukraine, I speak fluent Russian, English, Hebrew & German. Would be glad to meet fun & easy going people to trek together. Reach out and let's discuss :)

    When do I visit: Summer 2019

    Who am I looking for: Would be glad to meet fun & easy going people to trek together. Reach out and let's discuss :)

  • Lorette


    Who am I: Hi everyone, My name is Lorette I am 28 years old and I am from the Netherlands. My plan is to travel through Eastern Europe the upcomping weeks (July till half of August). When I started reading about Georgia I felt a big desire to go their especially for hiking. Now I only did some hiking in New Zealand last year, so I am not really experienced and I think I am also not the best navigator. So a buddy would be great to make it a bit more comfortable and hopefully especially more fun. I would love to bring my campinggear and go for some multidaytreks. A bit more about me: open minded, mostly calm, but I can be really enthousiastic as well, a bit chaotic. I study psychology, I love art, I eat vegan.

    When do I visit: July and or August (max till 15th)

    Who am I looking for: A buddy for hiking. An open minded person.

  • Kiran


    Who am I: I am Kiran working with computers in Berlin. Every summer I visit mountains, last year I visited Dolomites reach top 2500m and did via ferata. I am looking forward to explore Georgian mountains this summer. Looking forward to meet new people who are as passionate as me in hiking.

    When do I visit: During the month of August'19

    Who am I looking for: Anybody who is willing to climb mountains

  • Alex


    Who am I: Hi guys! I'm Alex, from Romania. I'm a 26 year-old, easy-going dude that is only now starting his first serious travelling experiences. Mountains have always been a big part of my life and I am used to multiple-day treks, as well as short ones. I'm open to any kind of suggestion. I never do strict planning as most of the time my plans don't work out. I'm more of a wing-it kinda guy. I'm perfectly fine with camping and I might bring a 2-3 person tent, although not sure yet.

    When do I visit: I'll be in Georgia at the end of July but I want to spend some time at the seaside first. I'll be heading north somewhere at the beginning to mid August.

    Who am I looking for: Literally anyone. As long as you don't have a stick up your butthole.

  • Jan


    Who am I: Hello, I'm Jan from Germany. I'm 37. I lived 7 years in Asia, a lot in China and India, studied Chinese. I did a lot of hitchhiking and trekking in the Himylayas. I'm going to be a Psychotherapist for children and work in the field right now. Just go the idea to go trekking in July in Gorgia Svenetia. Around 10 days in the first two weeks of July. I like camping... keep it simple. No need for guides. Can sleep in villages at times. I don't drink alcohol, like to enjoy nature and silence of the mountains. Let's see what are your travel plans! Work something out together. Regards. Jan

    When do I visit: July

    Who am I looking for: dharmabums:)

  • Anas


    Who am I: Hey beautiful people I'm Anas 28 years Moroccan but living in Dubai, my best mountains experience is until 4100m and trekking for 15 days, I'll be in Georgia for the July. I am looking for a hiking companon. My idea is to go hiking in the kazbegi region or in the Mestia region . I love laughter, open minded,and patiently

    When do I visit: Most likely July 15 to 29

    Who am I looking for: Someone have the same tendencies, he/she can enjoy hiking and camping

  • Silvan


    Who am I: I am interested in psychology and philosophy. Hi, I am Silvan from Germany, 22 years old and just finished my study of social work. I am interested in psychology (psychoanalysis) and philosophy. Now I am in Georgia since a few weeks for hiking and getting a sense of georgian atmosphere/life/culture. I am looking for a hiking companon. My idea is to go hiking in the kazbegi-region (Truso-Valley, Sno-Juta-Chaukhi-Valley). I am open for inspirations and ideas.

    When do I visit: end of june, begin of july (flexible)

    Who am I looking for: Someone who is not to fast and likes quiet moments.

  • David


    Who am I: Hello, I am from the UK, visiting Georgia for the first time in October. I am reasonably physically fit and fast hiker although only an occasional one. I'll just be in Svaneti for a few days. Yo puedo hablar Español también.

    When do I visit: Most likely October 5th-8th inclusive

    Who am I looking for: Probably a few day hikes, nothing too crazy. I'd consider multi-day hikes but won't have a tent or any specialist equipment, so presumably that limits my options. Other than that, happy to walk with anybody who wants to do the same kind of thing, I'll be on my own because a friend who was coming now can't afford it. Will also be in Armenia the week before this and Tbilisi after.

  • Katya


    Who am I: I'm 31, living in Germany (originally from Ukraine). My fitness is average. My mountains experience is until 3500 m and trekking for 3-4 days. Im easy going and open-minded, interested in other cultures!

    When do I visit: Im going to Georgia in July from 19 to 29. My big dream is to hike from Mestia to Ushguli but im open for other Ideas! Camping is good idea for me too!

    Who am I looking for: For interesting company to do some multi days trip (at least 3 days). Just write me and lets find out if we have the same ideas and expectations :)

  • Gloria


    Who am I: I am a middle aged woman, who regularly hikes in my home country and since like 5 years ago, i started to add hiking to places i travelled. i like cycling too as part of the nature and outdoor activities. I like to visit places with cultures and history during travelling. I would say I am easy going, but like to have some alone time at times so I am like to have single room at night. I guess nationality is important to some people, I am from Hong Kong.

    When do I visit: September

    Who am I looking for: I ve join a hiking tour for Georgia country from 2-5 th september, a multiday hike, night spend in guest house with simple basic facilities. I like to invite some one who hike to hike in pristine beauty as the tour up to now, had just me. I guess they need at least a few to tee off.

  • Cyril


    Who am I: I will be in Tbilisi for most of July, and likely some time in June and August too. I am hoping to get away during the weekends to do a few day and two-day hikes, and will seek to stay an extra week or two to do a longer-distance trek. I am a fairly experienced hiker but have not hiked in the Caucasus before. Otherwise I am 33 and from NZ but currently live in Paris.

    When do I visit: Most of July, early August.

    Who am I looking for: Anyone keen to go hiking in Georgia - my dates are flexible at this stage and our paths may coincide! Feel free to write to see if we can work something out.

  • Noah


    Who am I: Hi I'm 18 years old and from Canberra Australia. I graduated from high school last year. This year I am travelling before going to university to study Pacific Studies. I write music (as well as produce), play sports, and also really enjoy hiking. I have heaps of trekking/outdoors experience: Back country skiing/touring, Tasmanian wilderness (11 days unsupported), Canyoning, canoeing, rafting, Iceland, Norway, French Alps, Slovakia, Czech, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Nepal, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea.... (had to shorten it. Jozef :P)

    When do I visit: I fly into Tbilisi on the 18th of September (leave middle of October)

    Who am I looking for: I am looking for someone who is interested in multi-day hikes and culture. I'm quite a relaxed person and love to party as well as hike (haha).

  • Francesco


    Who am I: Francesco (28) and Giorgio (27) from Italy, looking for buddies from Omalo to Shatili

    When do I visit: 6-10 August

    Who am I looking for: TREK BUDDIES which route? from OMALO to SHATILI date: from 6th AUGUST (omalo) until 10th AUGUST (shatili) Giorgio and I, 27/28 years old from Italy, are going to Georgia from the 2th to the 12th of August. We are first visiting Tbilisi and from there we are going to Omalo on the 5th of August. We would like to do the trekking route from Omalo to Shatili, we were thinking about 5 days trekking. Need for travel buddies or only bus/car sharing or only info: - We need to move from Tbilisi to Omalo on the 5th of August morning. Any suggestion for it? Anyone interested in some shared bus/taxi? Peace. Francesco

  • Matthew


    Who am I: I'm a college student from Pennsylvania. I've traveled around quite a bit of northern Europe and a lot of North America. I love backpacking, sea kayaking, really anything outdoors. You can see some of the places I've been and what I do on my Instagram @nord_lifestyle. I'll be in Georgia for the last part of July and the early part of August in the Mestia region.

    When do I visit: Late July, Early august.

    Who am I looking for: I'm looking for someone to go on a longer multi-day hike or a couple of shorter ones. It's always awesome to share the trail with new people!

  • Naomi


    Who am I: Hi, I'm Naomi, and I am looking forward to spending time in Armenia and Georgia in July. I'm 28, a student, and I think I'm pretty good camping company.

    When do I visit: Throughout July

    Who am I looking for: I was hoping to hike in Armenia with a friend who can no longer make it. The routes we were looking at were too challenging of a hike for me to want to do it alone, but maybe there is someone else who will be in the Caucasus during July who would like to team up? I have some backpacking experience in remote areas, but this is unfamiliar territory to me, and perhaps I'm not in the best shape after a year of sitting in a lecture room! Please get in touch if you will be around Georgia or Armenia in July and would like to go on short or multi day hikes, maybe our plans will coincide

  • PJ


    Who am I: I am an aspiring Kartveli-phile. I am interested in visiting glaciers, and summits have an allure, too. I lack high alpine experience, but I am solid for days with a backpack. I am travelling solo, with a plan to visit Tblisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, with nature hikes and treks in between.

    When do I visit: End of VI, certainly VII, maybe into VIII, 2019

    Who am I looking for: Who is my Neighbor? Am I not a man and your brother?

  • Maran


    Who am I: An American woman living part of the time in Georgia. I went up Kazbek last year and also did the Mestia to Ushguli hike.

    When do I visit: July, August

    Who am I looking for: A small group looking for more people interested in going up Mt Tetnuldi (4858m) in the Mestia region this summer. It's a less well trekked mountain, and so going up with more people sounds like a safer strategy. Give me a shout if you are interested in joining! Give me a shout if you've done before and have any advice! Thanks

  • Rebecca


    Who am I: My name is Rebecca and I am an opera singer and passionate backpacker! I have dreamed of trekking in Georgia for a long time, and a friend just bailed on travelling with me. I don't really want to hike alone, so I am very much hoping to make new friends. I value good humour in hiking, and I travel on a tight budget! I would happily do any multi-day trek - it seems to me there are no poor choices. I am 25, decently fit with a fair amount of backpacking experience, and I really enjoy travelling with others of all ages. Please send me a message if you plan to be in Georgia in August!

    When do I visit: August, for up to a month, no dates decided.

    Who am I looking for: Anyone! Who doesn't mind occasional singing

  • Marc


    Who am I: I am a (not-too-fit) man, looking for a photo trip (landscape and slice-of-life) in the Caucaus. Would love to do multi-day treks, but am probably NOT in shape for those, so medium-to-long day trips. See (tiny) gallery at

    When do I visit: Second half of August

    Who am I looking for: Hobby photographers, positive company. Also non-photographers who may be interested to give this a try :-)

  • Kristina


    Who am I: We are a couple from Denmark and Lithuania and will be coming to Georgia for holiday.

    When do I visit: Last weeks of July (year 2019).

    Who am I looking for: We have found few hikes around Mestia that we plan to do - Mkheri, Chalaadi Glacier, Koruldi lakes. Post us give us a note if you are in the area and would like to join us. p.s. We also want to do a 2 day route with a guide (bike or trekking), but have not decided on the details yet :)

  • Jordi


    Who am I: Hi there, my name is Jordi and I am a 23 year old Dutch student, currently travelling around with my van in the Balkans, Turkey and the Caucasus region.

    When do I visit: I plan on being in Georgia from May tot July/ August (2019)

    Who am I looking for: Looking for a hiking buddy! Just for some day hikes or perhaps longer multi-day hikes. Anything where we will be out in the mountains, really :) Don´t hesitate to send me a message!

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