People sometimes ask me if they could join my group or "tour". That's understandable. Hiking alone is not for everybody, it's more dangerous and ... well... lonely. But I am happy if I make it to Georgia for a few weeks in summer and always already have a group. So, let's try something. If you are looking for a trekking partner, please fill in the form below and I will post yours ad here. Other visitors will then be able to contact you through the contact form


Only people with photos

  • O.N Sief

    O.N Sief

    Who am I: An Egyptian 40 years old man visiting Georgia for Mestia to Ushguli trekking in a week vacation.

    When do I visit: Mid of June 2019

    Who am I looking for: A nice company of singles or couples who are planning to do the same trek during this period.

  • Kristina


    Who am I: We are a couple from Denmark and Lithuania and will be coming to Georgia for holiday.

    When do I visit: Last weeks of July (year 2019).

    Who am I looking for: We have found few hikes around Mestia that we plan to do - Mkheri, Chalaadi Glacier, Koruldi lakes. Post us give us a note if you are in the area and would like to join us. p.s. We also want to do a 2 day route with a guide (bike or trekking), but have not decided on the details yet :)

  • Tori


    Who am I: I'm a twenty five year old Irish girl visiting Georgia for one week

    When do I visit: April 19th

    Who am I looking for: Anyone that's looking for a two day hike in Kazbegi :)

  • Lena


    Who am I: Mestia-Ushguli in August Do you want to join? 50 years old woman, teacher, who is positive, nice and fit doesn`t want to go trekking alone.

    When do I visit: August, no dates decided

    Who am I looking for: Positive company

  • Jordi


    Who am I: Hi there, my name is Jordi and I am a 23 year old Dutch student, currently travelling around with my van in the Balkans, Turkey and the Caucasus region.

    When do I visit: I plan on being in Georgia from May tot July/ August (2019)

    Who am I looking for: Looking for a hiking buddy! Just for some day hikes or perhaps longer multi-day hikes. Anything where we will be out in the mountains, really :) Don´t hesitate to send me a message!

  • John


    Who am I: Hi I am John a 51 year old doctor from New Zealand. I have spend many days hiking in NZ Southern Alps + some hiking in Australia, East Africa and Nepal. I visited Russia in 2005 and have wanted to return to Georgia ever since on the recommendation of my Russian friends

    When do I visit: Coming to Georgia in the second and third week in June

    Who am I looking for: Any one who is keen to join in single or multi-day hikes in the Caucasus in early to mid June

  • Samantha


    Who am I: My husband and I are traveling to Georgia from Canada and plan to do a few multi-day treks and are interested in having people join us for the hikes

    When do I visit: For three weeks in June

    Who am I looking for: Couples or single are fine. We are in our early 30s.

  • Vahur


    Who am I: 46, resident hiker/trekker/climber. I have been Tbilisi-based since Autumn 2016 and much of it was well-spent somewhere outside. So I have fairly good idea what's out there and pretty long and growing bucket list. And I plan to stick around for foreseeable future. If phrase 'Hey, it looks like it could be a trail! Wonder where it goes?' sounds like a start of something exciting, I am your man. Off-trail or moderately technical stuff is ok :) If I cannot come with you I will still gladly have a bottle of wine with you and can give bunch of good advice.

    When do I visit: Permanently here

    Who am I looking for: Good company for some of my longer projects in Svaneti and Tusheti/Khevsureti would be perfect. But I am always happy to go for some weekend/prolonged weekend trek either by my own plan or yours. And if all else fails I will pretty much always find the free evening for a pub crawl in Tbilisi ;)

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