People sometimes ask me if they could join my group or "tour". That's understandable. Hiking alone is not for everybody, it's more dangerous and ... well... lonely. But I am happy if I make it to Georgia for a few weeks in summer and always already have a group. So, let's try something. If you are looking for a trekking partner, please fill in the form below and I will post yours ad here. Other visitors will then be able to contact you through the contact form


Only people with photos

  • Rhodora


    Who am I: Just arrived in Mestia July 23-July 28. Interested in some day hikes around the place.

    When do I visit: July 23-28

    Who am I looking for: Looking for some hike buddy.

  • Renata


    Who am I: I’m Renata, 31 yrs old from Czech republic but I currently live in Italy. I speak French, Italian, English and Czech (ordered by my preferences ;-) ) I will be coming to Georgia at the beginning of August with my friend who will abandon me on the 10th of August and I will stay for another week or two to discover more of the country. I would preferably like to do a long trek (at least for 5 days) but I don't have any concrete plan yet and I’m very much used to improvise and adapt to the situation. I’ve already done few multi-day treks in the past, among which Haute route des Pyrénées, Zanskar Valley.... (bloody long, shortened - J.). I also climb if there is an opportunity to climb some of the Caucasus peeks (probably with a guide as I’m not experienced enough in mountaineering and will not bring climbing gear with me).

    When do I visit: 10th of August - 27th of August

    Who am I looking for: Adventurous person that would keep me company, the age or the gender doesn’t matter, just a positive spirit, open mind, curiosity but also the capacity to deal with unexpected situations and improvise when needed.

  • Clément


    Who am I: I am Clément 33 from France. I arrive in Tibilissi on the 27th of July. I would like to do some trekking in Svaneti, Tusheti or other places. First plan was to hike through Svaneti from Etseri to Ushgeli, starting the 28th of July. I like to do fast light trekking, I have light trekking tent in case of but I plan to sleep in guesthouses. I would be happy to share the hike with other people or join a group. I can adapte the rythm ans the dates. Just walk through beautiful landscape. Hope I'll see you, I think I am an easy going person^^

    When do I visit: From the 28th of July to 10th August

    Who am I looking for: Someone used to do multi days trekking, who like to share beautiful hikes and a good beer in the guesthouse after a walking day

  • Serge


    Who am I: Hi, my name is Sergii, I'm from Odessa,Ukraine, plan to spend about 1 week in Georgia in the beg of August. Initial plan was to climb Mt. Kazbek however I did not found guided tour suitable for my dates, I a bit of rock climbing experience in the French Alps, few 3k peaks and done lots of hiking in the Swiss Alps. If someone with glacier experience will take me alongside for a climb that would be amazing, as an alternative I would also like to do a hike from Juta via Chaukhi pass and back.

    When do I visit: Starting from 4-5 August and till 10-12

    Who am I looking for: Preferably climbing partner for Mt. Kazbek or hiking partners for a few hikes in the region.

  • Miras


    Who am I: Hi, my name is Mira, I am from the Czech Republic and I will be in Georgia for 3 weeks in September until the first half of October. I plan treks in Svaneti region, Tusheti and Kazbegi region.

    When do I visit: September-October

    Who am I looking for: I'm looking for anyone who loves hiking and sleeping under a tent in some beautiful place.

  • Daniel


    Who am I: Hi everyone. My name is Dan and I'm from England. Im hoping to do some hiking in both Svaneti (mestia to ushguli) and Tusheti (possibly khevsureti to Tusheti) in July or August. Probably aim to stay in guesthouses along the way rather than camping although I'm open to suggestions. I feel hiking is always better with a friend or two so thought I'd have a look on here.

    When do I visit: July/ August

    Who am I looking for: Other hikers, who want to trek the same route as me. Handy with a map would be useful and a bit of flexibility with plans would also be great. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Marcos


    Who am I: Hi there! This is Marcos, 30, from Barcelona, Spain! I'll spending the first 3 weeks of August in Georgia and even though I like improvising and don't have any established itinerary, I want to spend most of my time there hiking. I have experience on the complete Annapurna Circuit, the 1k+ km of the Northern Route of the Way of Saint James and some circuits in the Pyrenees, but not on ice nor using crampons and piolet. I have traveled several times and for long periods by myself and ventured to 2k-3k m high areas alone, but I do appreciate a travel companion in the mountains for extra safety (and extra fun, sure!).

    When do I visit: 1st - 20th August '21

    Who am I looking for: Someone my age looking for a hiking buddy between my travel dates, no matter the length or the route. However I would like to visit both Svaneti and Kazbegi surroundings.

  • Gajan


    Who am I: Im 27yr old from Sri Lanka and travel from Dubai. Active hiker with passion. Planning to do below hikes from 2021 July 15th to 2021 July 23 (8 Days). Plan is like below. Order will change. Shkhara glacier, Koruldi lakes, Zuruldi massif, Mkheri church, Chkhuti ridge, Tsvirmi, Lenjeri to Mt. Gul

    When do I visit: 2021 July 15th to 2021 July 23 (8 Days)

    Who am I looking for: Anyone who like with same plan, Active, Friendly, willing to adventures.

  • Tomer


    Who am I: Hello! I'm Tomer, an Israeli living in London for the past 8 years. I've hiked the Tour du Mont Blanc (11 days) and the Slovenian Alps (5 days) and planning my next hike from Mestia to Ushguli (an extended version that I am building via Koomoot tool that will make up about 7-8 days of hike). I am looking for a partner to join me as my friend found out he can't make it. About me: 33 years old, massage therapist and a physiotherapy student, easy going, funny, and a bit foolish from time to time :D When I travel, I care much more about embracing the scinery and enjoy the trail rather than finishing it as quickly as possible for the challenge.

    When do I visit: August 2021

    Who am I looking for: Anyone with a fun personality, near my age, who wants to part with me in the adventure, enjoy the journey together and share the experience :)

  • Mark


    Who am I: I'm looking for a partner in July-August 2021 (and perhaps later as well) for a variety of treks, ranging from day hikes in the vicinity of Tbilisi (there are quite a few canyons, waterfalls and old citadels there not covered in guidebooks) to longer jaunts, such as the trail from Shatili to Dartlo/Omalo. Other plans will come up, too, I have unlimited time, technically. I'm a pretty experienced hiker, 25 years on the road, walked just about every type of terrain, from African deserts to Himalayan permafrost, but I'm not into purely sportive achievements, like in serious mountaineering - i go for the views, the ambiance, and the photographs (i'm a professional photographer). Come along if you have similar attitude!

    When do I visit: Already here, for indefinite time.

    Who am I looking for:

  • Shreejaya


    Who am I: Hi! we are four friends from college visiting Georgia in August. We want to explore the country and make some new friends. We do not have a definite plan, so we are open to any fun things that we can experience in our journey. If you guys want to meet up and make some new friends shoot me an email.

    When do I visit: August

    Who am I looking for: Anyone who is up for an adventure.

  • Bruno


    Who am I: Canadian hiker on holiday in Ukraine and Georgia until august. I am an experienced hiker and brought my equipment with me, but be warned I havent hiked in 2 years so Im a little out of shape) Looking for partners to go onto 4-5 day hikes or longer. I am 37 years old.

    When do I visit: June to August 2021

    Who am I looking for: Hikers with local experience of the trails in either Ukraine or Georgia. I am open to come to nearby countries, so if for instance you are organizing something in Romania then dont hesitate to contact me.

  • Sean


    Who am I: Hi everyone! I'm Sean 20 y/o from Israel. I'm planning on hiking in the mountains of Georgia this summer and I'm looking for a partner. I have decent experience backpacking in Europe and in my home country of Israel and this year I want to make a long-distance hike all across Georgia on the TCT.

    When do I visit: July / August 2021, Very flexible with the dates

    Who am I looking for: A nice and spontaneous person who likes hiking as much as I do

  • Woody


    Who am I: I'm 33, from the USA and vaccinated. Prefer mid/long hikes (7+ days, though my maximum time in Georgia will be 3-4 weeks). Usually do a 2 week or so trek every year, but 2020 was obviously an exception. Open to new cultures and ideas, and not very picky.

    When do I visit: TBD - but somewhere around June/July/August 2021

    Who am I looking for: Looking for good company that can keep a sense of humor in the rain haha.

  • Michal


    Who am I: Hi! I am a 21 y/o student from Poland. I am planning on walking the High Caucus from the Black Sea to the border with Azerbaijan (perhaps even further, to the Caspian Sea, if the Azeri borders will open). I will hike the TCT trail, and later follow a carefully planned route (which I will happily provide you as a gpx file :). I have substantial long-distance hiking experience in Europe.

    When do I visit: Late June-Late July (I am flexible with the exact dates)

    Who am I looking for: Anyone who wishes to join me for the entirety of the trail, or even a section hike!

  • Gloria


    Who am I: Hi, my name is Gloria. I am a secondary level teacher. I love hiking and trekkings. I did a lot of hiking two years ago in New Zealand. I am from Switzerland, so I hike a lot in my home country as well.

    When do I visit: I would like to hike the Transcaucasian trail this July/August 2021

    Who am I looking for: I am looking for an easygoing person who loves hiking and discovering new places, get to know new people and their culture. It would be great, if you have a good sense of humour and are pretty spontaneous.

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