People sometimes ask me if they could join my group or "tour". That's understandable. Hiking alone is not for everybody, it's more dangerous and ... well... lonely. But I am happy if I make it to Georgia for a few weeks in summer and always have a group. So, let's try something. If you are looking for a trekking partner, please fill in the form below and I will post yours ad here. Other visitors will then be able to contact you through the contact form. Just keep in mind your ad won´t appear immediately, no need to resubmit the form, just give me a day or two :)


Only people with photos

  • Ahmed & Chris

    Ahmed & Chris

    Who am I: Hello, we are Ahmed and Chris, met in Tbilisi at a guesthouse two weeks ago and have been traveling throughout Western Georgia with our rented Toyota Rav4 (4x4). Originally we were three people (an Egyptian girl), but she went home to work, and so now we have plenty of space for 2 more interesting individuals with an adventurous spirit and a taste for good wine to explore the regions to the North, (including up the military road and surrounding areas and the Abano Pass), East, and South-East of Tbilisi for a few weeks. We love hiking also and have been stopping everywhere along the way so far to hike the mountains. We also have 3 tents with us and the car actually seats 5 with a huge trunk, but with 4 people it is spacious. We will be in Tbilisi again in 2 days (Sept 19) and could pick you up there. Shared Car expenses per peson would be 30 Lari / day / person + shared gas. Cheers :)

    When do I visit: 19 Sept, 2021

    Who am I looking for: Looking for 2 fun individuals with an adventurous spirit who love good wines /food, hiking, and don't have 100kg of Luggage ... lol:P

  • Mordechai


    Who am I: Hello we are interested in joining some couples for a nice trip 3-4 days from September 21st to September 24th 25 The beginning of the diversions from Mestia, open to ideas, +972546500911. Thanks

    When do I visit: 21/09/2021

    Who am I looking for: Couples, age doesn´t matter, speak English,

  • Jonathan


    Who am I: Hi ! I'm a French citizen, 43, speaks English and German with a beautiful accent 😜 I was a pandemic tourist last year in Georgia and thanks to Jozef's website made amazing treks : Omalo Shatilli, Mestia - Ushguli, Juta - Roshka and some day hikes. I have all my camping gear, and planning to begin in Kazbegi for 6 days, then Tobavarchkhili, Ushguli to Ghebi, Black rock lake and maybe more.

    When do I visit: 16 September - 7 October

    Who am I looking for: Hope to meet you mostly for nice evenings and drinks ! Planning to spend a day or 2 near Telavi to taste lots of very good Georgian wine !

  • Soren


    Who am I: Hi. Im Søren. Danish 52 years of age human rights and peace engineering professional.

    When do I visit: I embark on a longer stay in Tbilisi starting 1st October.

    Who am I looking for: I want to spend weekends trekking, hiking or walking the mountains surrounding Tbilisi area. Possibly with one night sleep over in a tent or camp site. I don’t bring much gear and have little experience with hiking. But lots of enthusiasm and energy ;)

  • Andros


    Who am I: My name is Andro, i am from Cyprus. I will be heading to Georgia next week for hiking adventures with my main man Cosmas. We want to meet the unexpected both in terms of nature, views and people. If you are down for meeting up or joining us drop us a message. We will be in Mestia on the 16th-19th, and then travelling to Ushguli for more hiking. I am a magician of numbers, i am a public speaker and also play in theatre., but i am also a human being with depth :)

    When do I visit: 16-23rd September

    Who am I looking for: Any one who is up for connecting and going with the flow of nature.

  • Marten


    Who am I: Hi! Im Mårten, a human rights professional and writer with a passion for mountains. Open minded and quite fun person. Working around the world, currently living in Sweden. Speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish.

    When do I visit: 5-8 October

    Who am I looking for: Was thinking of going from Tbilisi to Kazbegi for a few days. Would be happy to join up with a nice traveller or a group. Open to Ideas!

  • Werner


    Who am I: Hey everyone, I'm Werner! 👋 I'm a 38 year-old South African digital nomad, very excited to be heading to Georgia from mid Sept until early Oct. I'm planning on doing ~8 days hiking, starting in Chuberi (close to Zugdidi) and then on to the Mesti -Ushguli trek (a mix of tented camping and village stays). Friends will describe me as open-minded, extroverted, outdoorsy and, well, fun 😋 I'm an independent traveler, so not really looking for companionship for the entire route, but if you'd like to meet up for a section of the hike (or a beer or a bite before or after) let me know, interesting people are always welcome! 😁 Oh, I'm also a paragliding pilot and will take a separate trip up to go hike and fly around Gudauri for a week to ten days. Being in my late thirties (and in a more financially stable phase of life), I prioritise my time over penny pinching, so I'm considering renting private cars and drivers for drop-offs/returns (or rent and self-drive to Gudauri). I'm happy to offer discounted/free rides to students, volunteers, and people others otherwise in a tight spot, should there be space and our timelines and personalities match. English/Afrikaans (10/10), Dutch (6/10), Chinese (5/10), Spanish (3/10) with stories collected over many years and continents.

    When do I visit: Sept 11-30

    Who am I looking for: Interesting people and those who can bring an interesting perspective and meaningful conversation (and good music playlists for road trips) 😁 If you take issue with progressive matters or suffer from (even a mild case of) homophobia, racism, anti-feminsm or similar things, we probably won't make be the best hiking, drinking, or traveling friends.

  • Alexandra


    Who am I: Hey, dear hikers! I'm 26 y.o. Ukrainian graphic designer living in Berlin, now located the whole September in Tbilisi. I can speak German, English, Russian and Ukrainian. I prefer moderate level hikes without climbing. Meeting wonderful souls make my life better.

    When do I visit: 14 September - 1 October

    Who am I looking for: My friend leaves today and I still want to go to Svaneti (or any other region, if you have a plan) for 4-5 days somewhere in between 15 September - 1. October. Is anybody interested in hiking together? ✨ I don’t have a tent with me, would be perfect to stay in villages/churches. Would be happy to share this experience with you!

  • Peter


    Who am I: Hi, My name is Peter and I'm going to hike in Georgia since about 12th September. I have 2 weeks, so I think I can do 2 longer routes, might be in different groups :) I would really appreciate high trails near GMRoad, but also long treks in Svaneti would be nice. I'm quite fit and have some experience in living in a tent and hiking mountains, but sure there's still a lot to learn. I'm 21 and live in Warsaw, Poland.

    When do I visit: 12-23.09

    Who am I looking for: Comrades that want to hike ambitious treks. Low budget and sleeping in a tent preferable :)

  • Peter


    Who am I: Hi, i'm a 40 year old Irish guy visiting Georgia later in September. I'll be spending around 10 days in Svaneti. Planning to do the Mestia to Ushguli trek as well as some day hikes. I'm also hoping to a high altitude multi day trip to summit Laila. I've had a quote from this site and wondering if anyone would like to join a trip during the dates I've mentioned.

    When do I visit: 20th to 30th September

    Who am I looking for: I'm mostly hoping to find a hiking buddy for the multi day trip to summit Mount Laila in order to reduce the cost and have some companionship! the hike will take 3-4 days. The cost would be 450euro for 2 people - so 225euro each I'd also be happy to join for other hikes or trips during the dates I'm there

  • Christina


    Who am I: Hi everyone, I previously lived in Georgia for 5 years and have returned to do more hiking! I speak Georgian fluently and also a bit of Russian. I'm 32 years old and American. I work remotely as a director of a small education NGO.

    When do I visit: September 10 - October 31 (flexible dates)

    Who am I looking for: I'd to hike with another woman/a group where at least one other woman is going. My dates are flexible. Hikes I'd like to do: - Mestia-Ushguli - Black Rock Lake - Tobavarchkhili - Kelitsadi Lake - any other scenic hikes, ideally including lakes/rivers.

  • Jose


    Who am I: Hola!!! my name is Jose, I am Spanish, I will travel through Georgia from September 7 to October 9. I am used to the mountains and wanting to do several trekking routes and even some peaks. I travel alone and I will not bring camping equipment. Any proposal is welcome. I suppose it will be easier to be in contact by WhatsApp my number is: +34 615 076 491 Waiting for your messages

    When do I visit: 7th Sept to 9th Oct

    Who am I looking for: Trekking partners

  • Idan & Zohi

    Idan & Zohi

    Who am I: Hi, we are Idan and Zohi (23), from Israel. Going to hike all September. Easy and hard trails. Part of the time going to sleep outdoor in a tent. We dont have specific plan, just few ideas for trecks. Probably start from Omalo and maybe hike to the summit of mount Kazbek.

    When do I visit: September 2021

    Who am I looking for: We would like to meet other hikers from all over the world.

  • Jens


    Who am I: Hello everyone! I am Jens, 30 years old, from Germany, living in Bielefeld. Looking for travellbuddys (maybe 1-3 people), for around 2-3 weeks in Georgia, starting from 8. September (or later, i flexible until the end of oktober). I like to travel around, doing hiking, camping and sleeping in my tent in the unbeliveable nature. Also love to see the culture and meeting new people. Write me and join our fantastic group :)

    When do I visit: 8. September (maybe later) for 2-3 weeks

    Who am I looking for: Travelbuddys for: hiking camping seeing the culture and wonderful people low-budget-trip

  • Keenan


    Who am I: Hi everyone! I will be traveling Georgia from September 10th-30th, and potentially longer. I am looking to do a few different treks--Mestia to Ushguli and Omalo to Shatili. I am still doing research, so I am very open about where I end up going, but ultimately I would like to combine natural beauty with cultural sites as well while also embracing the challenge of a good long trek. I am 32 years old, from CA, USA, and am an experienced backpacker having completed treks around the world in CA, Utah, Bolivia, Peru, Romania, and Mexico. Georgia has always been a dream to visit!! Thankfully, I have a close friend who is providing me a place to stay in Tibilisi which I will use as a base to explore.

    When do I visit: Septemer 10-30

    Who am I looking for: Anyone looking for a trekking buddy!

  • Miras


    Who am I: Hi, my name is Mira, I am from the Czech Republic and I will be in Georgia for 3 weeks in September until the first half of October. I plan treks in Svaneti region, Tusheti and Kazbegi region.

    When do I visit: September-October

    Who am I looking for: I'm looking for anyone who loves hiking and sleeping under a tent in some beautiful place.

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