People sometimes ask me if they could join my group or "tour". That's understandable. Hiking alone is not for everybody, it's more dangerous and ... well... lonely. But I am happy if I make it to Georgia for a few weeks in summer and always already have a group. So, let's try something. If you are looking for a trekking partner, please fill in the form below and I will post yours ad here. Other visitors will then be able to contact you through the contact form


Only people with photos

  • Megan


    Who am I: I’m Megan from the U.S. I love hiking and am pretty experienced from my time spent in Alaska. I am carrying a nice, lightweight tent for 2, but no cooking gear. I am pretty easy going and love good conversation! My email is not really working here in Georgia so contact me on WhatsApp @ +16083857649

    When do I visit: I’m in Georgia until Sept 22

    Who am I looking for: I am looking for someone to trek the Lake Tobavarchkhili trek. I feel comfortable with my abilities, but feel it may be better to take on this trek with a partner! Thanks!! 🙃

  • Sonia


    Who am I: Hi! :) I’m Sonia (29), from the UK/Russia, looking for some buddies to do the Mestia-Ushguli hike from Monday 09 September (although can be flexible!). Planning to stay in guesthouses and take it pretty easy, get in touch! :)

    When do I visit: Arrive to Mestia 07-09

    Who am I looking for: Looking for some chilled people to share the experience with :)

  • Rose


    Who am I: Hey I'm Rose and I'm 20, travelling in Georgia for the next few weeks. I'd really like to do some multi day treks with a tent, but have never done that before and would like someone to go with! I promise I wont weigh you down, I'm a fast walker and up for anything

    When do I visit: 1st Sept - 24th Sept

    Who am I looking for: Looking for people who want to spend a few days at a time lost in nature, open minded people message me!

  • Stephanie


    Who am I: Hey guys!! I'm Stephanie, from Québec, Canada. I'm looking for a partner to do the trek to Tobavarchkhili lakes, which is in autonomy and in pure nature. I'm an experienced outdoor person, i just come from 10 days trekking (Juta to Rushka, and straight away to number 7 and 2 in the 10 best trek list :p), i've got all my gear to do it alone, but it is still more secure to be two, and also more fun to share good laugh along the way! I'm thinking about 7 or 8th september as a starting date, leaving from Tbilisi. I'm flexible for the date, fews days earlier or later. So, if that plan sounds intersting, don't be shy to write to me! Cheers, Steph

    When do I visit: End august until beginning of October

    Who am I looking for: A partner for Tobavarchkili lake

  • David


    Who am I: Hey guys, I am a 32 yr-old Georgian-American living and working in Washington, DC. I am an experienced hiker and mountaineer. I travel to Georgia often not only to see my dear family and friends, but especially to go hiking / camping in our majestic mountains. We're highlanders after all. I will be in Georgia for most of October. I am interested in exploring Svaneti region and Racha region for hiking and camping multiple days. I am flexible on dates. I will also rent an SUV or Truck during some of my trip, so if anyone is like-minded and cool, we can meet up for an off-road 4x4 adventure as well. My Facebook: David Muskheli. My Instagram: @dskelli

    When do I visit: October 12, 2019 - October 30, 2019

    Who am I looking for: Cool ass people.

  • Ludwig


    Who am I: I am a Germany, 25 year old MSc student in sustainable energy technology. Now visiting Georgia the second time. I started my way from Germany to Georgia in the end of August by train/bus. After exploring Turkey I will arrive in Georgia approximately at September 10th. I am a very relaxed and open-minded buddy ;)

    When do I visit: 10.09 - 05.10

    Who am I looking for: I have been to Svaneti 3 years ago, but the weather was bad :( This time I want to do some nice hikes. I brought my hiking gear but haven't planned anything, so I am very open to the region/trek we choose. A multi-day hike would be nice, maybe Mestia - Ushguli? I don't have a tent with me but if you have one, I am in for a trekking tour.

  • Jakob/Raphael


    Who am I: Hey we are Raphael (23) and Jakob (22) from Germany, two open-minded friends who are traveling through Georgia.

    When do I visit: 1.9.-25.9.

    Who am I looking for: We are planning to go to Tusheti from the 9th or 10th until the 17th of September. We wonna do a hike for serveral days and are looking for people who either just wonna share the taxi or maybe even the trip. Just text us on either on WhatsApp (+49 157 86032780) or via email ( . Looking forward to hear from you. The time for the trip is even still negotiable. Feel free to ask. Raphael and Jakob

  • Lukas


    Who am I: Hey I’m Lukas, 25 years old from Germany. I’ll be the whole September here in Georgia. Actually in Kazbek and then I will se. I love to do multi day hikes, sleeping in the Mountains and be outdoor. I travel alone and have a 2 person tent. So you don’t need one. Fell free to text me.

    When do I visit: First week of September Kazbek then I will see.

    Who am I looking for: Hiking buddy, travel buddy

  • Martina


    Who am I: I am in Georgia since the end of August and will stay intil about beginning or mid October. I am lookong for backpacking travelbuddies who also like to hitchhike. My main goal is to spend as much time in nature as possible. I have everything to not to go back to civilisation for quite a few days: cooker, tent'n'stuff, hiking equipment, space in my backpack for food and water. I dont have clear plans yet. I am thinking of leaving Tbilisi tomorrow early morning direction Tusheti - but i am very open and flexible to other ideas. Please contact me and we'l see if we fit together for a few dasy out in nature. I am soo much looking forward to the hiking days :-). Happy greets, Martina

    When do I visit: 3rd of September until 3rd or 13th of October

    Who am I looking for: I am looking for somenody who is also an experienced solotraveller and likes to teamup for a while to explore Georgias Nature and remotr places.

  • May


    Who am I: Im May from Bangkok Thailand. I am solo travelller.i will be in Georgia from 29aug to 20 sept. I want to hiking from Mestia to Ushguli ( 4 days) Im looking some company to hike with.

    When do I visit: 29 aug - 20 sept

    Who am I looking for: Any nice and cool people who love hiking and nature.

  • Yuval


    Who am I: I'm Yuval 25 years old from Israel. I traveled in lots of countries so far and my next adventure will take me to Georgia and Armenia. In Georgia I plan to spend most of my time in Svaneti and Kazbegi areas.

    When do I visit: 5.9-7.10

    Who am I looking for: Hiking partners

  • Lene


    Who am I: Hi, I'm Lene (Belgium, 35). I'd love to do a few trekkings in Georgia, which is always better in good company. I haven't been to Georgia yet, so I'd propably go to Svaneti, Kazbegi, Tusheti, but I'm open to other suggestions! I did trekkings before. This time I won't bring a tent as I try to travel compact and it seems there are guesthouses in most areas.

    When do I visit: 17 Sept - 8 Okt

    Who am I looking for: Anyone who likes some adventure in the mountains!

  • Timo


    Who am I: I'm Timo from The Netherlands. I'm 26, into traveling and outdoorsy stuff. I really like mountains (too bad we don't have any back home). I've done plenty of hiking before and I've always had good fun meeting up with internet strangers. I'll be in Georgia for 2 weeks, starting the Mestia - Ushguli hike on the 23rd of September. If you want to come along hiking or go for a beer, hit me up!

    When do I visit: 15 - 28 September

    Who am I looking for: Hiking partners to come along on the Mestia - Ushguli trek starting the 23rd of September.

  • Choi


    Who am I: Hi, I am Korean entrepreneur living in Finland. I am easy going and full of energy for hiking. Also I am fond of interesting conversation. Finding hiking buddies would be great. We may find the trace of Jason and the argonauts.

    When do I visit: 12-19th of September

    Who am I looking for: Anyone would like to enjoy hiking in the Caucasus.

  • Katya


    Who am I: Hello! I'm Katya (41 years old). I've been globe-trotting for the last six years (mostly hitchhiking and couchsurfing) but I'm not a very experienced hiker. Usually though I travel with all my camping gear but this time I'd like to come to Georgia with a small light backpack. So I'll only have a sleeping bag. I'd like to do day hikes with an option to sleep in villages. The ideal would be to hitchhike to some remote village and just hike local trails around it. I've been to Svaneti several times and would love to explore Racha, Guria or other regions this autumn. I speak Russian, Hebrew and English fluently and also somewhat Spanish and Romanian.

    When do I visit: September 2019

    Who am I looking for: Anybody who would like to do easy to moderate day hikes.

  • Mandy


    Who am I: Hey, I'm Mandy, German and 40 years old. I am already in Georgia, Mestia and will stay in the country for two or three months. In 2017 I was the first time here with a friend and we wanted to hike the Omalo - Shatili Treck. But it turned out differently. Some Georgians had taken us on their horses... It was really incredible and I fell in love with Georgia! :) This year I would like to hike this route and further to Juta ... or maybe in the other direction, because I'll like to stay in Dartlo (near Omalo) for a few days, at the end of this tour. For this I'm looking for a hiking budy. I often do day hikes, but have little experience with multi-day tours. I have some equipment. Also a 2 person tent, but it's a bit older and not so light... If you have a better one, it will be fine ... And I'm a bit scared of dogs. What isn't so good for the Tusheti region. So I think it will be really good if you not have the same problem and know how to handle dogs... :)

    When do I visit: August, September

    Who am I looking for: Single person or little group to hike Juta-Shatili-Omalo

  • Amanda


    Who am I: Hi there! I am a Chinese girl who loves to trek. I am planning to have a trek during 4-5 days in Georgia. I am prefer to do a trek from Mestia to Ushguli probably from 3, Oct to 6 (could be changed if you have similar time schedule).

    When do I visit: Oct. 2019

    Who am I looking for: I am a super easy-going person. hope we can have a fun memory together.

  • Alix


    Who am I: Hello, My name is Alix, I am french, 31 years old, living in Paris. I am an easy person, I like sharing stories, long talks and also to be quiet. I will arrive in Mestia on September 7th and I would like to do either differents day hike, or the 4-day hike to Ushguli (that I would try to complete in 3 days). I don't have a lot of experience in hiking but I am in good condition and I already hiked into montains. I have been told I have a good pace. Send me a message if you're interested.

    When do I visit: 7-17 of September 2019

    Who am I looking for: I am looking for an hiking buddy, interested in hiking around Mestia. Regading the Mestia>Ushguli hike, I would like to do it by staying at guesthouses (at least it would be my first choice).

  • Alper


    Who am I: I am Alper from Izmir Turkey. I am 44 years old; backpacker,hitchhiker and low budget traveller. I am well experience about hiking/trekking for long distances, wild camping and survival in nature :) . I am up for all kind trekking or hiking routes in Georgia. I have healthy life style but I am not vegan or vegetarian. I am fit and with good conditions. I have got 2 person tent and ready to going mountains for short or long periods. I am also good about tracking wild animals or finding eatable plants in nature. I am always ready any kind of Adventure. I am talkative, energetic and social person. I will be glad to find someone or small group travelling together.

    When do I visit: I will enter Georgia around 8-10 August and stay until mid September

    Who am I looking for: I am looking for anyone multi day hiking. I like nature so doesn't matter where we go. Mountains,rivers,lakes, canyon or wild camping all okay. We can also stay in guest houses some days. I am generally low budget traveller but can adapt for other type of travelling ways too. I am adventure style person but also sometimes just relax and enjoy the moment. Please write me for any ideas in your mind. I will be glad to join someone or we can create group if our dates and routes can match.

  • David


    Who am I: I'm David, 22, programmer, from Israel. I'm open minded, and always like too meet nice and interesting people I want to visit Georgia in September, arround Kazbegi, and Mestia-Ushguli

    When do I visit: 6-20 September

    Who am I looking for: I'm looking for nice people to go with, and anyone doing treks ;)

  • Annika


    Who am I: Hey folks, I am Annika, 25 years, studying in Austria, originally from Germany. I am open-minded and an easy-going person. I am often climbing and hiking in the mountains. Last year I did the GR 20 in Corse and now I cannot get enough of trekking. Some other travel experiences are available: hiking in Slovakia and Poland. Lived half a year in Spain. Traveled around Australia.

    When do I visit: Mid of August until mid of September

    Who am I looking for: I am looking for somebody who wants to discover the wilderness of Georgia with the tent during a multi-day trip. I would like to hike around Svaneti and the area of Kazbegi. Any other suggestion are very welcome. I really appreciate some laughing and telling stories. Looking forward to a humorous, spontaneous travel buddy!

  • Andrey


    Who am I: Hi, I am 49 y.o., male, non-smoker, born in Russia, lived in 8 countries to date, holder of 3 nationalities, currently based in Switzerland., speaking fluently Russian, German, English and French and some Italian. I have a demanding job, but in my free time I enjoy hiking, outdoors, and try to keep a healthy and active lifestyle. I visited to Georgia as a child with my parents in the 1980's, when it was still part of the USSR (have very good memories of that time, though it was really a long time ago), and I have never been there since. Now I am planning my next trip to Georgia in 2020 (Tiflis, Batumi, Gudauri, plus trekking in the mountains are just some ideas, but no definitive itinerary yet) and am looking for a travel & hiking buddy.

    When do I visit: August-September 2020

    Who am I looking for: I would be delighted to meet fun & easy going people from anywhere in the world to trek and to explore the Caucasus together. Please feel free to reach out and let's discuss :)

  • Lancel


    Who am I: Hi everyone! I'm Lancel, a 31 year old Canadian who lives to explore other cultures and landscapes. I'm passionate about sustainability and happiest when in nature. I'll be in Georgia for the first half of September and am very keen to do the Mestia to Ushguli hike. I'd love some great company for the adventure!

    When do I visit: September 3-16

    Who am I looking for: Anyone interested in the same hike as myself (Mestia>Ushguli), with a healthy sense of adventure and respectful, kind spirit. I'm looking to do this hike over 4 days and while I'm not ruling camping out, I don't plan to bring any gear and my first choice would be a guesthouse!

  • Justin


    Who am I: Hey - 25 year old South African chartered accountant/quantitative analyst, going to be hiking primarily in the Svaneti and Kazbegi/Juta/Roshka regions between say 5 and 18 September. May head over to Tusheti as well depending on weather. I'm quite a spontaneous and flexible guy, but I stick to my plans and won't let anyone down.

    When do I visit: 5 -18 September

    Who am I looking for: Anyone with an adventurous spirit, willing to hike (I don't plan to camp but to mostly do long day hikes - but multi-day hikes are definitely on the cards). Also people with an interest in the culture of the place, who are respectful of the pristine nature of the Caucusus.

  • Silvan


    Who am I: I am interested in psychology and philosophy. Hi, I am Silvan from Germany, 22 years old and just finished my study of social work. I am interested in psychology (psychoanalysis) and philosophy. Now I am in Georgia since a few weeks for hiking and getting a sense of georgian atmosphere/life/culture. I am looking for a hiking companon. My idea is to go hiking in the kazbegi-region (Truso-Valley, Sno-Juta-Chaukhi-Valley). I am open for inspirations and ideas.

    When do I visit: end of june, begin of july (flexible)

    Who am I looking for: Someone who is not to fast and likes quiet moments.

  • Gloria


    Who am I: I am a middle aged woman, who regularly hikes in my home country and since like 5 years ago, i started to add hiking to places i travelled. i like cycling too as part of the nature and outdoor activities. I like to visit places with cultures and history during travelling. I would say I am easy going, but like to have some alone time at times so I am like to have single room at night. I guess nationality is important to some people, I am from Hong Kong.

    When do I visit: September

    Who am I looking for: I ve join a hiking tour for Georgia country from 2-5 th september, a multiday hike, night spend in guest house with simple basic facilities. I like to invite some one who hike to hike in pristine beauty as the tour up to now, had just me. I guess they need at least a few to tee off.

  • Noah


    Who am I: Hi I'm 18 years old and from Canberra Australia. I graduated from high school last year. This year I am travelling before going to university to study Pacific Studies. I write music (as well as produce), play sports, and also really enjoy hiking. I have heaps of trekking/outdoors experience: Back country skiing/touring, Tasmanian wilderness (11 days unsupported), Canyoning, canoeing, rafting, Iceland, Norway, French Alps, Slovakia, Czech, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Nepal, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea.... (had to shorten it. Jozef :P)

    When do I visit: I fly into Tbilisi on the 18th of September (leave middle of October)

    Who am I looking for: I am looking for someone who is interested in multi-day hikes and culture. I'm quite a relaxed person and love to party as well as hike (haha).

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