People sometimes ask me if they could join my group or "tour". That's understandable. Hiking alone is not for everybody, it's more dangerous and ... well... lonely. But I am happy if I make it to Georgia for a few weeks in summer and always have a group. So, let's try something. If you are looking for a trekking partner, please fill in the form below and I will post yours ad here. Other visitors will then be able to contact you through the contact form. Just keep in mind your ad won´t appear immediately, no need to resubmit the form, just give me a day or two :)


Only people with photos

  • Adam


    Who am I: Hi My name is Adam. I used to backpack a lot for many years as well as do some moderate treks in the mountain for one or couple days. Since pandemic I started working remotely and right now I will base myself in Georgia till end of 2023. I love hiking and I love enjoying nature. I look for a companion so we could rely on eachother on the way to make it safer (as we say in Poland mountains dont like solo travelers) as well as have someone to speak with and make time more interesting.

    When do I visit: I will be living in Tbilisi starting from 20th September till end of 2023

    Who am I looking for: I find myself a person ez to talk but at the same time I like to have some silent moments for enjoying beauty of nature so I am looking for someone I can find balance between talking and enjoying nature in silence. I used to do a lot of trekking but since pandemic I became a bit rusty so I am not in my best form so at the moment I am looking for someone who would like to join me for some easy and moderate roads for 1-5 days long. I am open for proposition in any region of Georgia so if you have something in your mind please write me and if you don't you can also write I am good with maps and can help us to plan something.

  • Robin


    Who am I: Middle aged Englishman going trekking in Georgia and maybe Azerbaijan in spring/summer 2014. Dates flexible. Married with kids but travelling solo. Film editor. Hostelling/camping. Minimal luxury.

    When do I visit: Dates fairly flexible.

    Who am I looking for: An interesting companion - any age, gender, nationality. Willing to rough it a little bit. Wild camp when necessary. Eat local and inexpensive. Seek out interesting experiences. Be nimble and improvise. Most important - have an adventurous spirit and a good sense of humour. If things go south, we handle it together.

  • Miguel


    Who am I: Avid Gen-X hiker here... long-term expat now living in Georgia and loving it. Located in Tblisi, I have a spare bedroom and host other hikers free of charge. Always great to host like minds.

    When do I visit: 365 days a year

    Who am I looking for: Fellow hikers, especially thru hikers, newbies and those unfamiliar to Georgia. I am more than happy to host, show your around and join you on some great treks. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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