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Again, we took a well-established trek, extended it and improved it as much as possible. In this case, even the “basic material” is more than solid - "Mestia to Ushguli" is the most famous Georgian trek, and for a good reason. It offers excellent views, passes through several traditional Svan villages and doesn´t involve any complicated logistics.

So what was improved? Most importantly, day 4. While the classic trail follows a river valley, we will take an alternative, virtually unknown route through the mountains and cross another 3000+ pass right beneath Mt. Shkhara. Also, while many people after reaching Ushguli make a short stroll around a village and hurry back to Mestia, we think it would be a crime not to spend a night here. So we added one more day - you will use it to climb to the top of Svaneti ridge so you can enjoy whole panorama of Greater Caucasus.

Improved, extended version
of the classic trek

Three 2600+ mountain passes

Medieval stone villages
of the Upper Svaneti

Trek in the UNESCO Heritage Area

Date No. of participants Duration Deposit
17. 7. - 21. 7. 2018 6 - 13 (FULL) 5 days not necessary
23. 7. - 27. 7. 2018 6 - 13 (GUARANTEED) 5 days not necessary
6. 8. - 10. 8. 2018 6 - 13 (FULL) 5 days not necessary
21. 8. - 25. 8. 2018 6 - 13 (GUARANTEED) 5 days not necessary
This tour can be organized also privately for any group of hikers outside of the dates listed above. In this case, the itinerary can be adjusted according to your wishes and group size limitation doesn't apply. However, the price may be different, too.


Day 1 From Mestia to Zhabeshi
distance 16.1km, 763m and 523m

First day of the trek mostly follows the dirt trail which snakes through the pastures and slowly climbs onto forested Chkhuti ridge. Then it descends into Mulkhura valley, passes several beautiful villages, crosses the river and ends in Zhabeshi. Night at the Zhabeshi guesthouse.

Day 2 From Zhabeshi to Adishi
distance 10.6km, 909m and 527m

Before noon, steep climb towards the Tetnuldi resort. Then, a walk through the alpine pastures will take you to the Adishi village, hidden at the bottom of Adischala valley.

Day 3 From Adishi to Khalde
distance 16km, 860m and 900m

Trek deeper into the valley, towards Adishi glacier. Crossing of Adischala river with the assinsance of a horse and climb towards Chkhunderi pass (2600m). Descent to Khaldechala valley. Night at the Khalde guesthouse.

Day 4 From Khalde to Ushguli
distance 14.5km, 1070m and 1118m

After a short backtracking, cross Khaldechala river by the ruined bridge and climb to the Southern Karetta pass which provides great views of Mt. Shkhara, the highest Georgian mountain. From there, descend to the Inguri valley and reach Ushguli. Night at the Ushguli guesthouse.

Day 5 Trip to Svaneti range
distance 9km, 520m and 520m

In the morning, climb south towards the Gorvashi pass. From here, you can enjoy the wonderful mountain panorama of the Greater Caucasus. After a short hike on the ridge, return to Ushguli.
Alternatively, since this is a roundtrip, this walk is not mandatory and you can also make your own program. For example, if you are interested in horse trip to Shkhara glacier or Zagar pass, our guide will help you to find providers of the service and negotiate it. Or you can just stay chilling in the village if you are really tired after previous four days. Either way, you will meet all again around 3 pm and be transported back to Mestia.

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